How do I run multiple websites on one instance of Apache?

How do I run multiple websites on one instance of Apache?

How to Configure Multiple Sites with Apache

  1. Step 1: Make a Directory for Each Site.
  2. Step 2: Set Folder Permissions.
  3. Step 3: Set up an Index Page.
  4. Step 4: Copy the Config File for Each Site.
  5. Step 5: Edit the Config File for Each Site.
  6. Step 6: Enable Your Config File.
  7. Step 7: Verify Apache Configurations.

How do I get Apache to listen on multiple ports?

How to configure httpd to listen multiple ports? Open configure file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd. conf and modify the Listen directive tells the server to accept incoming requests on the specified port. Multiple Listen directives may be used to specify a number of ports to listen to.

Can you run two servers on the same port?

You cannot open two web servers in the same port (which default is 80), if you desire to make two or more web servers, you have to use different ports.

How do I run two Apache servers at the same time?

2 Answers

  1. Install Apache on your server sudo apt-get install apache2 sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-perl2 sudo apt-get install other-lib-mods-needed.
  2. Configure separate apache configurations for each instance you want to run.
  3. Configure the init scripts to start apache with the appropriate config file.

Can you run multiple websites off a single IP address?

You can host as many sites as you want from one Server (one IP). All you need is to is to: Point the A record of the websites (from the DNS settings of the NameServers of the respective websites) that you want to host to the IP of the Server. Create Virtual hosts on the Server.

Can I run multiple websites on one server?

The concept to have multiple websites on a single web server instance is called Virtual Server . It is defined in the configuration file along with the URL. When a request is made to a defined URL, the webserver would serve the traffic from the respective Document Root .

Which ports is Apache listening on?

By default, Apache web server is instructed to listen for incoming connection and bind on port 80. If you opt for the TLS configuration, the server will listen for secure connections on port 443.

Can a computer run multiple servers?

You can create more than one server instance on your system. Each server instance has its own instance directory, and database and log directories. If all servers are equally important, use the same value for each server. …

Can you have two Minecraft servers one computer?

The good news is that Minecraft (since version 1.3. You can set up multiple Minecraft servers on 1 IP, running on different ports, and set up a SRV record to automatically direct a player to the right port.

Can I run two Apache servers one computer?

Although you can certainly have a single installation of Apache httpd, running a single instance, and still have different virtual hosts that can be accessed separately, sometimes following this easy path can lead you to a heavy and bloated web server.

What are httpd processes?

Available Languages: en | fr | ko | tr. httpd is the Apache HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server program. It is designed to be run as a standalone daemon process. When used like this it will create a pool of child processes or threads to handle requests.

How do I Make Apache web server listen on two different ports?

You may need to configure a site a port 8080 for this to work. Read through the documentation for Apache Virtual Hosts. Each ‘site’ can be set up to accept connections on specific ports (and ip’s, etc). Does you have a virtual host in your http.conf that is only configured for port 80?

What’s the port number for Apache web server?

@accssharma By default apache (and all other web server software) listens for connections on port 80. Because of this, browsers are coded to connect to port 80 when requesting websites. If you run a website on a port other than 80, your users will always have to include the port number when requesting the site.

How to assign a separate port number to each website?

You can assign a separate port number for each website on a single server with a single IP address. In this section, we will use the ports numbered 8080 and 8081 to host two websites on a single server with IP address First, you will need to configure the Apache webserver to listen on port 8080 and 8081.

How to configure multiple websites with Apache web server?

Restart the HTTPD server to enable the changes to the httpd configuration. You can then look at the website using the Lynx text mode browser from the command line. Web site 1. Commands: Use arrow keys to move, ‘?’ for help, ‘q’ to quit, ‘<-‘ to go back. Arrow keys: Up and Down to move. Right to follow a link; Left to go back.