How do I reset my MGCP gateway?

How do I reset my MGCP gateway?

Task 2: Reset the MGCP Gateway

  1. Choose Device > Gateway. You see a window that is similar to this:
  2. Click Find.
  3. Choose the gateway that you created.
  4. Click Reset Gateway.
  5. Choose Reset Gateway.
  6. Click Reset.
  7. Return to Task 1: Monitor the MGCP Gateway in order to complete the steps again.

How do I troubleshoot Cisco voice gateway?

An overview of the Voice Call Flow and Telephony Architecture in a Cisco Router is presented, followed by a step-by-step VoIP troubleshooting approach presented in these steps: Verify digital and analog signaling. Verify digits received and sent from the analog and digital voice ports. Verify end-to-end VoIP signaling.

How do I configure my MGCP gateway?


  1. Configure an IP address on the VG200 Ethernet interface and enable the interface.
  2. Assign a unique name to the VG200.
  3. Configure the VG200 to run MGCP as a signaling protocol.
  4. Configure the IP address or DNS name for the Cisco CallManager server.
  5. Select the codec type and the DTMF relay function.

Why does MGCP gateway not register with Cisco CallManager?

The MGCP gateway does not register with Cisco CallManager. Refer to MGCP Gateway Registration Failure with Cisco CallManager. Caller ID does not work on FXO ports. This is because caller ID is not supported with FXO ports when configured for MGCP. Configure the gateway in H.323 mode instead.

How to troubleshoot CallManager with MGCP and H323?

1. Make sure voice gateway hostname is same in CUCM and Voice gateway. 2. MGCP gateway should show registered in CUCM 3. When selecting ports in CUCM, do a show diag in voice gateway to know your voice modules. 4. Media resources name should match both in CUCM and Voice gateway 5. H323 gateway will not show registered in CUCM 6.

Is the media gateway control protocol ( MGCP ) on Cisco routers?

This document explains some basic verification and debug steps for the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) on Cisco routers. You can potentially encounter this list of symptoms when you configure Cisco CallManager with Cisco IOS MGCP gateways with analog Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) and Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) ports:

How to check if MGCP gateway is talking to CUCM?

6. One way to verify if H323 gateway is talking to CUCM or not is to check your media resources registration status. 7. Always reset the voice gateway in CUCM, once you update configuration in Voice gateway. 8. You can configure MGCP gateway in CUCM, but still use it as H323 gateway by not putting the call-agent command. 9.