How do I register for Online Banking with NatWest?

How do I register for Online Banking with NatWest?

Step by step guide in words

  1. Go to ‘Register for Online Banking’ and start by letting us know if you are a Personal, Business or Credit card customer.
  2. We’ll then show you your unique customer number.
  3. For security, we will send you a one time passcode to the mobile number we hold on file to verify your details.

Why do I have to re register for NatWest Online Banking?

Re-registering for Online Banking allows you to retrieve your customer number and also re-set your security details if needed. For credit card only customers, you’ll need your card number and expiry date.

What is NatWest Online Banking?

With Online Banking you can quickly and easily move money between your NatWest accounts using Quick Transfers. It could be from your current account to your savings account or move money on to your credit card. Move money now or schedule it for in the future, whatever you need.

How do I use NatWest Online Banking?

Your step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the NatWest app and tap ‘I’m already a customer’ to get started.
  2. Enter your Online Banking customer number.
  3. Enter in the requested characters from your Online Banking PIN and Password.
  4. Confirm the mobile number we hold on file for you is correct and enter the activation code we text to you.

How do I register for online banking?

To register for online banking when you open your account, select Online and Mobile Banking from the Account Services options. You will receive an email within one business day with a link to set up your online banking. To register for online banking at a later time, call Member Services to set up a Login ID.

How do I find my bank account online?

all you have to do is open your web browser and visit your bank’s website.

  • email address and password on the text field provided and click the “Sign In” or “Log In” button.
  • Wait for the site to open your account.
  • Add a mobile app.
  • How do you check your account online?

    You can check your accounts online by registering for Online Banking. If you’ve registered, you can log in securely using the button in the top right-hand corner of every page on You can also download the Barclays Mobile Banking app and securely check and manage your accounts…

    What is NatWest bankline?

    Bankline Mobile is a secure mobile app from NatWest that complements our Bankline service, letting you make payments on the go and stay on top of your finances. Bankline Mobile gives you time back and the power to act from anywhere.