How do I log into my UCI email?

How do I log into my UCI email?

If you want to sign in to your email using a browser:

  1. ES Mail:
  2. Gmail: Enter your FULL email address (e.g. [email protected]) for your username.
  3. Office 365:
  4. HS users:

Where do I find my UCI email?

Access Your Email The most popular email services on campus are listed below: = ES Mail (aka Webmail) = UCI Gmail. = Office 365/Exchange.

What is an HS email?

It consists of up to 8 characters, in some combination of your first and last name, and is the part of your email that precedes ○ For example: Mary Smith’s UCInetID and email address are msmith and. [email protected], respectively. ● HS – stands for Health Sciences.

How do I set up my UC Irvine email?

How to Setup UCI Gmail on your Computers & Mobile Devices

  1. Incoming email (IMAP) server: Port: 993. Security: SSL/TLS. Username: [email protected] Password: UCI Gmail password.
  2. Outgoing email (SMTP) server: Port: 465. Security: SSL/TLS. Username: [email protected] Password: UCI Gmail password.

How do I change my UCI email password?

How to Change Your UCInetID Password

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Change my existing password”.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. Contact the OIT Help Desk if you need assistance.

How do I get my student ID UCI?

Your Application ID is a 7-digit number that can be found on the receipt/summary email you received when you submitted your UC application. If you did not save this receipt, you can find your Application ID by signing back in to your UC Application and clicking on the “View Application” link.

Do I get to keep my UCI email?

If you have a UCI Gmail account upon graduation, you will keep the mailbox in perpetuity so long as you renew your UCI Gmail account on time.

Does your UCI email expire?

When you are no longer a UCI student, whether you graduate, transfer or leave for other reasons, your UCInetID will lose access to many services after about 1 year. Be sure to backup any data that you want to keep, including old emails, on your personal computers.

How do I change my hot schedule email?

HS: Edit Email Notifications

  1. Log into your HotSchedules account and go to the settings tab. Select the sub-tab that says Preferences.
  2. This will take you to a page with different options for your account.
  3. To specify the type of emails you would like to receive, you can check or uncheck the notifications that are listed.

How do I change my email address on HotSchedules?

Navigate to the Settings tab and the Personal sublink. On this personal settings page, select Edit for the Contact Information section. This will populate the options to change your personal details on the left side of the screen. Enter your email address in the specified field.

How do I setup my UCI email on my Iphone?

Set up UCI Office 365 on an Apple iOS device

  1. Under the Settings app, select Mail and then select Accounts.
  2. Select the Add Account option on the screen.
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange.
  4. Enter your Email address in this format: [email protected]

Is the UCI e-mail address the same as UCIMC?

Any e-mail sent to your [email protected] e-mail address will be delivered to the same e-mail account you already use. NOTE: Health Sciences (HS) and UCI Medical Center (UCIMC) users are required to use Microsoft Exchange and should contact the HS Help Desk for support at (714) 456-3333. I just changed my email password.

Where can I Find my UCI HS password?

Open web browser and go to:, type in your HS username (without “hs\\”) and click “Continue.” Click “HS password” to use your HS password to log in. If you are a new employee or this is the first time you log in to the Password Manager, select this option to log in.

Why was my UC Irvine email account removed?

If a user decides to have their UC Irvine email delivered to a non HIS system their UCI Health email account will be removed from service. Because of the cost of providing email services per user the policy is to not provide duplicate storage of electronic data.

Is there a UCI Gmail account for undergrads?

ICS Gmail (email address format is [email protected]). Available to graduate students only. Undergrads use UCI Gmail. Why is my UCI Gmail account suspended? You’re working for Health Sciences (either the School of Medicine or the UCIMC).