How do I identify my Mariner outboard motor?

How do I identify my Mariner outboard motor?

Find the right side of the motor by looking from the rear of your outboard with the propeller end pointing toward you. Locate the serial number plate by looking on your motor’s transom bracket; the plate will have “Mercury Marine” written on the top. The serial number is the top number on the plate.

Where is the model number on a Mariner outboard motor?

Mariner Outboards The serial number tag is located on the top outside edge of the CLAMP BRACKET; or, on top of the SWIVEL BRACKET (port or starboard).

What year is my boat motor by serial number?

The serial number can help you determine the year of your engine. Your serial number or model number can be found on the engine’s mid-section. Often this plate is also marked with the engine’s year too.

How do I find out what year my boat motor is?

Go to the motor and look on the motor’s swivel bracket for an embossed, metalized tag or plate that has the name of the motor’s manufacturer boldly stamped at its top. This manufacturer’s tag also shows the year the motor was built, or the model year on all motors except Honda.

What is the model number of a hp Mariner?

Mariner Model Year Guide Model HP Serial Number Year 2 M 646-15961 – 646-20675 1974 2 M 646-20676 – 646-26575 1975 2 M 646-26576 – 646-37010 1976 2 M 646-37011 – 646-008710 1977

When did the Mercury Mariner outboard engine start?

2000-2001 Service Repair Manual Year Application: 2000 & 2001 Mercury 75hp (75 hp) 90hp (90 hp) 4-Stroke (Four-Stroke-FourStroke) Outboard boat motor engine. Starting model year 2000 & starting Serial Number 0G960500 and above.

How many HP does a 60 hp outboard have?

HP YEAR MODEL TYPE * US SERIAL # NUMBER RANGE HP 60 HP MODELS 75 HP MODELS (4 CYL) 75 HP MODELS (4 CYL) 75 HP MODELS (4 CYL) 75 HP MODELS (4 CYL) 60 1984 E 6428681 – 6609650 75 60 1984 EL 6428681 – 6609650 75 60 1984 ELPT 6428681 – 6609650 75

What are the serial numbers on a Mercury Mariner?

Mercury/Mariner Serial Numbers…To Year Models YEAR SERIAL # YEAR SERIAL # YEAR 1980 55 1990 C2062 2000 1981 57 1991 C2395 2001 1982 5944 1992 D0820 2002 1983 6203 1993 D1373 2003