How do I go back to the previous line in eclipse?

How do I go back to the previous line in eclipse?

  1. Alt + Left will take you to previous line.
  2. Ctrl + Q will take you to last edit location.
  3. To check the hierarchy of a particular method use Ctrl + Alt + H .

How do I redo changes in Eclipse?

To perform the reverting action click on the ‘Team>Revert…’ menu item of the resource pop-up menu ‘Revert…’ menu item of the ‘SVN main menu group’. The dialog allows the user to choose which resources changes to revert and provides a probability to remove unversioned resources.

How do I undo a redo action?

To undo an action, press Ctrl + Z. To redo an undone action, press Ctrl + Y.

Is there an undo button in Java?

TL;DR: You can support undo and redo actions by implementing the Command and Memento patterns (Design Patterns – Gama et. al). This simple pattern allows you to save the states of an object. Simply wrap the object in a new class and whenever its state changes, update it.

How to install undo / redo button in Eclipse?

To install undo/redo buttons, follow the steps below: 1. Close Eclipse 2. Place the file undoredo*.jar file into the eclipse\\dropin folder: 3. Restart Eclipse 4. This shows the undo/redo in the toolbar: 5. To configure it, use the menu Window > Customize Perspective:

Where to find undo and redo in Java?

You can also put the undo and redo actions on the Edit menu of your Java/Swing application if you prefer. In my case this wasn’t too important, I was developing an application for myself, but it’s certainly a good thing to do for GUI applications the public will use:

How to configure the undo / redo button?

To configure it, use the menu Window > Customize Perspective: 6. That’s it 🙂 The undo/redo menu item can be added as toolbar button with an XML file and a manifest file. I have not tried it for other functions, but that should work for anything else available too.

How do I enable undo in Eclipse ant editor?

Undo is not working for me in ant editor in eclipse. When I press Ctrl-Z nothing happens. Is it possible to enable undo somehow or is this a bug? I am using Eclipse 3.4.2 (Ganymede) on Windows XP Professional.