How do I get rid of a mattress in Collier County?

How do I get rid of a mattress in Collier County?

Please call customer service at (239) 252-2380 – select Option Two – 48 hours in advance to schedule a bulky item collection. Place the items curbside before 6:00 a.m. on your collection day (no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before).

How do I dispose of a mattress in Naples Florida?

The City of Naples provides disposal services for large items, including old furniture and mattresses, by arranged appointment. To arrange a large item pick-up, call the Solid Waste Division at 239-213-4700. For more information, you can review Naples’ Residentail Collection rules and regulations or call 239-213-4700.

How do I dispose of yard waste in Collier County?

Yard Waste You may place bulky items at curbside on your recycling collection day. Bulky items include furniture, bicycles and other items too large to ft in your green trash cart. You must call 48 hours in advance to schedule service. Contact us at (239) 252-2380.

What is considered bulk waste?

Bulky wastes can include large objects such as industrial ovens or sections of construction and demolition material.

What can be recycled in Collier County?

Recyclable Materials

  • Recycle empty bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard.
  • Keep food and liquids out of your recycling.
  • Empty recyclables LOOSELY into your cart.
  • Do not Bag! Return plastic bags to a local retail store.

What county is Naples Florida in?

Collier County

How do I schedule a bulk pick up?

Follow these guidelines:

  1. To schedule collection of bulk items, contact the City’s 311 Service Center ((614) 645-3111) or
  2. If your regular trash is picked up at the curb, place bulk items in front of your home away from obstructions on your specially scheduled collection day.

Can you recycle Styrofoam in Collier County?

Collier County will begin offering polystyrene foam recycling starting October 1, 2020, at the North Collier Recycling Drop-Off Center. Collier is a leading Florida county in providing this service to its residents. This important initiative will keep foam out of the landfill and help preserve the environment.

Is bubble wrap recyclable in Florida?

All kinds of plastic goods, including plastic bottles, are recyclable. Bubble wrap can indeed be recycled. However, don’t take that bubble wrap to your curbside bin just yet.

Is it expensive to live in Naples Florida?

Naples has a cost-of-living index of 111.9, meaning it is approximately 12% more expensive to live in Naples than the rest of the country. The cost of living in Naples is higher than the national average by over 10 percent, but that is skewed by the high cost of housing in this luxury beach community.

Where to dispose of hazardous waste in Collier County?

In addition to curbside solid waste, recycling, yard waste, and bulky collection, Collier County operates several recycling drop-of centers to collect and properly dispose of household hazardous waste. Items that can be recycled may also be dropped of at these conveniently located centers.

When does trash collection take place in Columbus?

Regular collection typically occurs on the first day of the two day window. During the week of an observed holiday, however, service will occur on day two of the two-day window, if regular collection falls on or after the observed holiday. Trash, recycling or yard waste services will not take place on City-observed Holidays.

Where to pick up electronics in Collier County?

You must call (239) 252-2380 48-hours in advance of your regular recycling day to schedule a pick up. Residents and businesses may bring unwanted electronics to any Collier County Recycling Drop-off Center. (Businesses are charged a minimal fee for electronics recycling.)

When does recycling and yard waste collection occur?

Recycling and yard waste collection occurs on the same day, every other week. Residents are assigned to either Zone A or Zone B for each day of the week. During the week of an observed holiday, if your collection day falls on or after the holiday, your collection will be delayed one day.