How do I encash American Express Travellers Cheques?

How do I encash American Express Travellers Cheques?

Redeem your Travelers Cheques with American Express You can call American Express customer service on (1800-180-1245) to register a direct redemption claim(2). You can find additional contact numbers based on your location or alternatively Email us. Click here to register for our secure Email service.

Can you still cash Old Travellers Cheques?

Travellers’ cheques don’t have an expiry date, but you will have to use them within six months of when you’ve dated the cheque. They’re easily replaceable if lost or stolen. You can also exchange them for local currency.

How do I redeem old American Express Travelers Checks?

To redeem your travelers checks, date them in the upper right-hand corner, fill out the “Pay To” field and countersign in the presence of the cashier or merchant. Any unused value should be returned to you in cash.

What do banks sell travelers checks?


  • to estimate the amount of travel money needed.
  • storing the list separate from the checks and treat them as cash.
  • Are travelers checks still sold?

    According to Credit Choices, many foreign retailers no longer accept travelers checks, although most banks, hotels and bureaus of exchange will still cash them. Travelers checks do not expire, but they act as a sort of interest free loan on the part of the consumer who must pay in advance for the checks.

    Who accepts travelers checks?

    Companies that issue traveler’s checks, such as American Express, can partner with banks and foreign exchange partners around the world. You can visit one of these locations to cash in your traveler’s checks for local currency when traveling abroad. Use it to pay for products and services at accepting merchants.

    Who cashes travelers checks?

    Traveler’s checks from American Express, Thomas Cook, Bank of America and Citibank are the most popular. You can either cash your travelers checks at a bank or you can use them in stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. When you want to use a travelers check, you may need to show a photo ID.