How do I download HR schema in Oracle?

How do I download HR schema in Oracle?

Installing the HR Schema

  1. Log on to SQL*Plus as SYS and connect using the AS SYSDBA privilege.
  2. To run the hr_main.sql script, use the following command: SQL> @?/demo/schema/human_resources/hr_main.sql.
  3. Enter a secure password for HR specify password for HR as parameter 1: Enter value for 1:

How do I get the HR schema in SQL Developer?

Unlocking the HR Account. Connecting to Oracle Database as User HR from SQL*Plus. Connecting to Oracle Database as User HR from SQL Developer….Connecting to Oracle Database as User HR from SQL Developer

  1. For Connection Name, enter hr_conn .
  2. For Username, enter HR .
  3. For Password, enter the password for the HR account.

What is HR schema in Oracle?

This section lists the names of the scripts that create the human resources ( HR ) schema and describes the objects in the schema. Table 4-1 lists the HR scripts in alphabetical order.

What is HR schema in database?

The HR schema contains seven tables representing a data model of a fictitious Human Resources department. The EMPLOYEES table, which stores details of the staff, and the DEPARTMENTS table, which contains the details of the departments in the organization and so on so forth.

How do I install the HR schema in Oracle?

During a complete installation of Oracle Database, the HR schema can be installed either manually or automatically when creating a database using the dbca option. All the other sample schemas must be installed manually via the scripts available on GitHub.

Where can I download sample schemas other than HR?

If you want to use sample schemas other than HR, such as OE, OC, PM, and SH schemas, you must download them from the GitHub repository. To find the latest version of the sample schemas installation scripts, go to the following GitHub web site :

Are there sample schemas available in Oracle Database?

The sample schemas available to you depend on the edition of Oracle Database that you have installed and its configuration. Refer to the following table: If you decide not to install the sample schemas at the time of your initial database installation using DBCA, then you can also create the sample schemas manually by running SQL scripts.

How to create Oracle Sales history ( SH ) schema?

For a complete listing of the scripts and their functions, refer to Table 4-23. You can use script dix_v3.sql to drop schema IX. All scripts necessary to create the Sales History ( SH) schema reside in $ORACLE_HOME/demo/schema/sales_history. You need to call only one script, sh_main.sql, to create all the objects and load the data.