How do I create a custom data attribute in HTML?

How do I create a custom data attribute in HTML?

A new feature introduced in HTML 5 is the addition of custom data attributes. A custom data attribute starts with data- and would be named based on your requirement. The above will be perfectly valid HTML5 with two custom attributes called data-subject and data-level.

Can I add custom attributes to HTML elements?

Thanks to HTML 5, we now have the ability to embed custom data attributes on all HTML elements. These new custom data attributes consist of two parts: The data attribute name must be at least one character long and must be prefixed with ‘ data- ‘. It should not contain any uppercase letters.

What are custom data attributes in HTML?

Custom Data Attributes allow you to add your own information to tags in HTML. Even though the name suggests otherwise, these are not specific to HTML5 and you can use the data-* attribute on all HTML elements. The data-* attributes can be used to define our own custom data attributes.

What is the recommended way to add custom HTML5 attribute?

You can use getAttribute() and setAttribute() in JavaScript to get and set the value of different data attributes. The getAttribute method will either return null or an empty string if the given attribute does not exist. Here is an example of using these methods: var restaurant = document.

Where do I find custom attribute in HTML?

As you can see, the custom attribute has the form: “data-*” with a name or names of your choice after the “data-” section. This is the only valid way to use custom attributes in HTML5, so make sure you start your elements this way if you need your pages to validate.

How are data attributes used in HTML 5?

To get rid of these issues, HTML5 has introduced custom data attributes. All attributes on an element whose name starts with data- are data attributes. You can also use these data attributes to style your elements. Next, let’s dive into the basics of data attributes and learn how to access their values in CSS and JavaScript.

How to use custom attributes in HTML5 Developer drive?

Add the following function in the script section of your page head: We alert the attribute value for demonstration, but your own scripts can do whatever you need with it. As an alternative to the DOM “getAttributes” method, you can use the element dataset.

What should the attribute name be in HTML?

The data-* attributes consist of two parts: The attribute name should not contain any uppercase letters, and must be at least one character long after the prefix “data-“. The attribute value can be any string.