How do I contact True Manufacturing?

How do I contact True Manufacturing?

Technical Support Questions?

  2. Direct Service Line: 855.372.1368.
  3. Main Office Line: 800.325.6152.
  4. Fax: 636.379.1153.
  5. Email: [email protected]

Is True refrigeration Made in USA?

We are American Manufacturing Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Commercial refrigeration products, which exceed industry quality standards, at competitive prices.

Who owns true manufacturing?

Trulaske family
True Manufacturing Co., owned by the Trulaske family, has been a leading manufacturer in commercial refrigeration units since Robert Trulaske Sr. founded the company in 1945 with his father, Frank, and uncle, Art.

Where are true freezers made?

the USA
Made in the USA Since 1945, True has been committed to producing high quality products that are manufactured in the USA. True manufactures all products using an industry leading combination of high quality metals and components designed to optimize performance.

How Much Is True Manufacturing worth?

True MFG.’s annual revenues are over $500 million (see exact revenue data) and has over 1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Saw Blade & Handtool Manufacturing industry.

How much is a true refrigerator?

Inside the True 48 refrigerator. This clearly isn’t a fridge for the masses. In addition to a $19,999 MSRP, it has a distinctly industrial aesthetic, giant crisper drawers, shelves large enough for caterers’ pans, dual evaporators, and dual compressors.

How many employees does true manufacturing have?

2,886 employees
How many Employees does True Manufacturing have? True Manufacturing has 2,886 employees.

How much does a true residential refrigerator cost?

How much do true residential fridges cost?

How to contact true manufacturing for technical support?

Technical Support Questions? Contact us for answers regarding installation, service, and maintenance of your True equipment. Our Technical Service department is available via phone or internet. For technical support outside the U.S., please visit our International Support page.

Who are the service companies for true manufacturing?

The list is compiled by True and consists of qualified providers recommended to perform work on our units whether they are within warranty or not. Our standard warranty policies apply to any work performed by these providers. Before accepting these terms, please view the warranty statement by visiting the Warranty Support Page.

What kind of warranty does true manufacturing have?

True’s warranty covers reasonable travel time which is defined as 30 miles one way, anything more than this must be pre-approved. Please contact Warranty Support for prior approval before having any unit serviced by a company outside the normal warranty coverage area.

How long does true service company locator take?

True may not be responsible for any travel charges exceeding 30 minutes. Results of your search are based on linear distance, not driving distance. Our locator program uses the service providers’ headquarters to list the distance in your search.