Has anyone died at Rapids Water Park?

Has anyone died at Rapids Water Park?

One person has died following an accident on a water rapids ride at a theme park in Iowa, officials say. Three people were transported to local hospitals in critical condition and one person was hospitalized in a non-critical condition, the park said.

Is food allowed in Rapids Water Park?

No outside food or drink (or coolers of any type) is allowed. Once you’ve entered the park, you may return to your car, however there is a 15-minute time limit. Once the time has passed, you will be required to pay to re-enter the park. Season pass owners have unlimited in/out privileges.

How deep is the water at Rapids Water Park?

The waves pool can be from only wetting your feet to 6ft deep approx. If you are with children as another traveller stated always keep an eye out for them. over a year ago.

What should I wear to Rapids Water Park?

Appropriate swimwear is required and subject to park approval. No pants with rivets, belts, buckles, chains or bikini thongs allowed. Jeans are permitted in the park but not on any of the slides or attractions. Riders are not permitted to wear sunglasses and/or water shoes on slides.

How big is the Rapids Water Park in Florida?

Rapids Water Park is South Florida’s largest water park featuring 30-action-packed attractions including 42 of the biggest, wettest, and coolest thrilling water slides.

What happens if it rains at Rapids Water Park?

In the event of rain, Rapids Water Park attractions will remain open. If there is severe weather or lightning in the area, guests will be asked to exit the water until the weather passes.

Can you watch Rapids Water Park on YouTube?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information. Please try again later. Take a Tour of the Rapids with Visit Florida and Explore all the Fun and Excitement the Park has to offer.

How to get to the rapids in Florida?

Take a Tour of the Rapids with Visit Florida and Explore all the Fun and Excitement the Park has to offer. Looking for a fun summer job? It’s the coolest job in South Florida. Buy online and save time – one day tickets, parking, season passes and more!