Does SIG P226 MK25 have SRT?

Does SIG P226 MK25 have SRT?

The MK25 comes with the EXACT SAME trigger mechanism that I have on my 1987 P226. SIG has a trigger kit for the P226 called the SRT or Short Reset Trigger which would have made the trigger far superior to the existing P226, but they decided to leave it alone.

What is SRT trigger on SIG?

SIG’s Short Reset Trigger (SRT) Kit. Installing an SRT Kit in your SIG dramatically shortens the length of the pistol’s trigger’s reset, so following any shot, your trigger finger only has to move forward a short distance to the reset position before you can pull again for a follow-up shot.

What is a Sig P226 MK25?

The MK25 is a full-sized combat pistol, featuring the same double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger decocking action as the standard P226 and other SIG pistols of the same basic design. The long trigger pull of the first shot acts as the safety feature for SIG pistols of this type.

Are there short reset trigger parts for SIG Sauer?

Whether you’re shooting for law enforcement, military, or hunting applications, this Sig Sauer Short Reset Trigger Parts Kit for P226, P227, P228, and P229 Pistols will help your favorite Sig Sauer handgun shoot faster and more accurate, and these kits are for DA/SA models only.

Is there a short trigger in a SIG pistol?

To see how the SRT Kit installs and works in a SIG pistol, check out my SRT Kit install video on YouTube. The “SRT” confusion occurs because SIG Sauer also makes a Short Trigger . The name itself is misleading, because the trigger isn’t actually “shorter” than the standard SIG trigger.

Is there a trigger in the SIG SRT kit?

SIG’s SRT Kit also greatly reduces (but doesn’t quite eliminate) single-action “take-up” — the amount of movement between the trigger’s resting place in single-action mode and the “wall” where the full amount of single-action trigger pull weight is required to release the hammer.

What are the parts of a SIG Sauer?

Parts kit includes: sear, safety lever. For DA/SA models only. Installation of these parts kits require disassembly of your firearm beyond a “field-stripped” condition. Improper installation may result in malfunction, serious injury, or death. SIG SAUER requires that only certified SIG SAUER armorers install these parts kits.