Does Cluster Bomb increase damage Destiny 2?

Does Cluster Bomb increase damage Destiny 2?

Like the Full Auto perk on Shotguns, Cluster Bombs would nearly double the damage output of any given rocket (under optimal conditions). The result was that on any target that you couldn’t get all the Cluster Bombs to impact and detonate, Rocket Launchers fell by the wayside pretty harshly.”

Is cluster bomb Good Destiny 2?

Bungie states that Cluster Bombs were too good but too inconsistent, making them situational. To solve this problem, rockets will now deal higher raw damage, with clusters being a nice bonus in certain situations. It’s worth noting that Cluster Bombs have been key to certain strategies in Destiny 2.

How much damage does cluster bomb do?

When the submunitions explode, they cause injury and damage across a wide area. The blast of one submunition can cause deadly shrapnel injuries in a 65-foot radius and injure anyone within a 328-foot radius.

How much more damage does lasting impression do?

As you can see the rocket launcher did around 54,400 damage with lasting impressions. That’s a pretty substantial damage increase. You can pair that with Impact Casting to get even more damage. I tested that too in case you’re wondering how much a direct hit with this perk increases the damage.

What are the perks for explosive in Destiny 2?

Explosive/Timed Payload: Actually reduces the direct impact of the weapon by half, but adds that damage along with a slight buff to a small AOE. Overall damage boost from this is roughly ~1.15x which includes direct hit & blast radius damage in total.

How big is the damage increase Perk in Destiny 2?

The actual damage increase is different based on the weapon archetype the perk is on, but it is always very small, it ranges anywhere from 1.075x to 1.095x.

What are the perks for onslaught in Destiny 2?

Onslaught: The tooltip says it increases rate of fire per tier of rampage, but it’s actually 600rpm at 1 stack, 600rpm again at 2 stacks, & finally 720rpm at 3 stacks. Also increases reload speed per tier of rampage.

Which is the best rocket launcher in Destiny 2?

If it wasn’t Exotic or needed an Artifact mod, it’d be even higher on this list. How to obtain: Battlegrounds and focused Umbral Engrams. Code Duello is the big brother of Sins of the Past, considered by many as the best Rocket Launcher in Year 1 of Destiny 2.