Can you save images from Flickr?

Can you save images from Flickr?

You can only save photos individually. The Flickr app needs to have access to your Photos in order to allow downloads. (Your photos won’t be automatically backed up unless you are a Pro member and the Auto-Uploader is enabled in the app)

How do I save pictures from Flickr to my phone?

Tap the photos which you want to download. Tap “Share” button located at the bottom of the screen. You will see the list of applications, select “Save” option. All your photos will now be downloaded to your Android phone.

How do I transfer photos from Flickr?

First, open up Flickr, and select the photos you want to move. Then right-click on these photos, find the “Copy to” option and select “Album” folder under Google Photos as the destination, click “OK” icon and the process will start.

Is there a way to save a photo from Flickr?

Go to Media, and scroll down the list until the image appears in the preview window, then hit Save As. Right click menu restricting scripts, and content restrictions don’t work when data has to be cached and the browser comes with developer tools like Mozilla browsers. Big rule of web browsing, if it can be cached, it can be saved.

How to save Snapchat pictures to camera roll?

1 Open Snapchat app. 2 Choose the “Settings” icon on the top right corner of the screen. 3 Tap “Memories” and then select “Save To…” from its list. 4 Save Snapchat pictures to Camera Roll or Memories together or selectively.

How can I download a photo from someone else’s Flickr?

Downloading From Someone Else’s Photostream Open a Flickr photo you want to download. Click the downward-pointing arrow to see image size options. Click an image size, then click the Download link. Choose a location to save your image.

How do I delete a photo from my Flickr account?

To delete a photo from Flickr, go into your Flickr account and mouse over You. Select Organize. Drag and drop the images you want deleted to the batch area. Alternatively, select all the content of a single album. Click the photos, then click Delete. Then click Yes, Go Ahead and click one more time to confirm the deletion is to go ahead.