Can you fish in Lake Jindabyne in winter?

Can you fish in Lake Jindabyne in winter?

Keen anglers will continue to flock to popular winter fishing spots such as Lakes Jindabyne and Eucumbene, Oberon Dam near Bathurst, Tantangara Dam near Tumut, Talbingo Dam in the Snowy Mountains and Lake Wallace and Thompson’s Creek near Lithgow. The Murray crayfish is another popular inland winter catch.

Can you fish in Lake Jindabyne?

Besides trout, Lake Jindabyne is also stocked with Atlantic Salmon. Anglers can catch trout in the lake using all methods. Fly fishing, casting lures, trolling lures or bait fishing are all effective, and the large variety of foreshore and underwater features provide ideal conditions for all styles of fishing.

Where can you fish in Jindabyne?

Thredbo River meanders from Thredbo to Lake Jindabyne and is a fly fishing haven. Near Bullocks Hut, at the junction of Thredbo River and Little Thredbo River, is a lovely fishing spot. Along the Tumut, Goobarragandra, Tuross, Snowy and Bombala rivers are plenty of relaxing fishing areas.

Can you catch lake trout in the winter?

One of the coolest things about winter lake trout is they can be caught regularly on artificial lures. You can also fish relatively aggressively for lake trout, jigging a spoon, jigging rapala or tube jig with a lot of action.

What kind of fishing is in Jindabyne Lake?

Jindabyne Lake Fishing Lake Jindabyne is known for its pristine waters fed from the Snowy, Thredbo and Eucumbene rivers, a tourist attraction for those in search of exhilarating outdoor activities, water sports, sunset cruises and world-class fishing.

Why is the water level in Lake Jindabyne so low?

Head to Lake Jindabyne in NSW if you want to be among the lucky few to see relics rising from the deep. A combination of factors, including the drought, a poor winter snow season and recent construction work on the new dam wall, has lowered the water level in NSW’s Lake Jindabyne to 47 percent.

How big are the Rainbows in Lake Jindabyne?

Dave with a 27cm rainbow caught on a Steve Williamson 30th anniversary Tassie Devil. Dave keeping an eye out for those fish arches. Most of our fishing on the last trip came while flat lining. Being able to drive your vehicle down near the shore and set up is a great advantage when it comes to fishing Lake Jindabyne.

How big are the trout in the Jindabyne?

The trout in the Jindabyne region are healthy, often weighing in at over 3kg. When bait fishing, look to target sloping shorelines that drop away into deeper water. If there’s any structure, such as drowned trees or rocks visible, cast baits close to these areas.