Can I use mulch for a walkway?

Can I use mulch for a walkway?

Mulch and gravel are the cheapest pathway materials you can buy for rock walkways, and they make construction simple, too, making them two of our favorite walkway ideas. You can choose from a wide variety of loose materials including coarse bark, decorative mulch, washed stones and crushed gravel or shells.

How do you make a mulch walkway?


  1. Measure and cut landscape fabric.
  2. Lay fabric and hold in place with sod staples.
  3. Determine pattern for paving stones. You can mark them with stakes or have another person help you step it out.
  4. Lay paving stones.
  5. Fill pathways with mulch and around the stones.

What is the best mulch for pathways?

Pine needles are an ideal pathway mulch in areas with a lot of pine trees. The needles drain well, keeping your pathways dry and springy. My favorite part about pine needles is their longevity. While they are biodegradable, they take a lot longer to break down than most mulches, which means less work for me.

Can I put mulch between pavers?

Cover the exposed soil with a 2 to 3 inch layer of mulch to prevent weeds from growing between the pavers. The mulch layer is also optional, but works well for weed suppression when no vegetation is planted between pavers.

Do you use mulch for a garden walkway?

Like anything though, there are some cons to weigh before using pebbles: A mulch walkway is the most natural option as it replicates a forest floor and can blend seamlessly with your garden and flower beds. Mulch creates a soft aesthetic. If you’re interested in using mulch, here are some of the pros of using it in your garden pathway:

Do you put mulch down as a pathway?

Whether it takes you from the front to the back door or meanders through your garden, you have options when choosing the material to use. Installing a mulch pathway is a good choice for DIY homeowners who are on a budget and live in year-round warm climates. Outline your pathway with a garden hose.

What can you do with rubber mulch pathway?

Some common uses for the product include a bridge between flower beds, a garden path, a weed deterrent, and it can be used to cover up muddy areas. This Recycled Rubber Reversible Mulch Pathway, environmentally friendly product lasts years and looks nearly identical to real mulch.

What do you use to make a walkway in a garden?

In most cases, pebble garden pathways are used more for aesthetics, or an occasional stroll, because the larger stones are more unstable. However, they can be used to create lines to guide the eye towards a focal point such as a fountain or bird bath.