Can I cover doorbell transformer?

Can I cover doorbell transformer?

When it comes to hiding your doorbell transformer, it needs to be in open air and cannot be enclosed. One example of where to hide your doorbell transformer, is off the attic light socket. Alternatively, you can hide it in a closet, behind and above the sliding door, or in your basement.

How do I hide my doorbell chime?

Most chime covers come off in one of the following ways: by sliding it up and off; by removing 2 or more screws; or by pressing 1 or 2 tabs and popping the cover free. If you have the product manual for the doorbell chime, use it to guide you.

How do you cover a wired doorbell?

If you are replacing the doorbell with another wired doorbell, use masking tape to tape the wires to the wall to keep them from falling into the wall cavity. If you are replacing the doorbell with a wireless doorbell and won’t need the wires, wrap the ends of wire with electrical tape and tuck them back into the wall.

Where do I put my doorbell transformer?

In many houses, the doorbell transformer is installed in a junction box behind the internal doorbell chime or mounted near other electrical components in a basement or crawlspace.

How big is a Transformer cover for a doorbell?

Representing the contemporary chic, this stylish doorbell transformer cover is finished in sleek stainless steel. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Measures 2.6 x 7.2 x 10.2 inches. Made from scrap cherry and walnut, this wooden doorbell transformer cover combines style and functionality. M construction.

Where do I find the chime on my Doorbell?

The chime is the main working component of the doorbell system — the doorbell itself being the switch that activates it — and it has to be located in a place where you can hear it, which could be by the front door, but it also might be in the kitchen, the dining room or a stairwell.

What kind of cover do I need for my Doorbell?

Wireless plug in doorbell kit with molded cover. Manufactured by Heath/Zenith, this doorbell transformer cover will provide durability to your doorbell. Its metal construction stands for solidness and sustainability. Representing the contemporary chic, this stylish doorbell transformer cover is finished in sleek stainless steel.

Where can I find my doorbell transformer in my garage?

Look around your garage above your service panel if it is in the garage. Look on the wall of the garage nearest to your front door. The transformer will be near the ceiling to avoid tampering. Check inside your furnace closet. Look above the door and along the walls for the doorbell transformer. Gain access to your attic or basement.