Are the cinemas open in Derry?

Are the cinemas open in Derry?

OMNIPLEX has confirmed it is all set to reopen its cinemas to the public on Monday, May 24, pending official confirmation from the NI Executive this Thursday.

What is Omniplex Maxx?

OmniplexMAXX is Omniplex’s Premium Large Format or PLF. Our goal is to immerse you, the viewer, into the movie. OmniplexMAXX uses three key senses to achieve this, sight, sound and feel. We convert these senses into three elements and use a mix of technology and design to create an unique immersive experience.

Is Omniplex owned by Cineworld?

Omniplex Cinemas is a cinema chain in Ireland set up in 1991….Omniplex Cinemas.

Industry Cinemas
Number of locations 30 (240 screens)
Key people Mark Anderson, Paul Anderson Jr.
Owner Anderson family

Where is the Derry Omniplex cinema in Londonderry?

Derry Omniplex Cinema – Londonderry – Listings and Film Reviews Quayside Shopping Centre, Strand Road, Londonderry, BT48 7PX Phone number:0871 720 0400 Films Showing at Derry Omniplex From: Friday 21st May To: Thursday 27th May Nothing to show…

Are there any Omniplex Cinemas in Northern Ireland?

Omniplex Derry features include 7 Omniplex Recline screens including 1 OmniplexMAXX-Recline screen, Candy King Pic’n’Mix, assigned seating, automated ticket purchase & collection points, 3D performances, and wheelchair accessible screens. Need Help? © Omniplex. All rights reserved.

Who are the characters in the Omniplex movie?

Convinced that his father, who disappeared at sea two years ago, is still alive, 12-year-old Felix embarks on a search for him in the company of Old Tom, a retired fisherman; Squawk, a thieving one-legged parrot; and Rover, a cat who acts like a…