Will Rogers Airport zip code?

Will Rogers Airport zip code?


FAA Identifier: OKC
Variation: 04E (2020)
From city: 6 miles SW of OKLAHOMA CITY, OK
Time zone: UTC -5 (UTC -6 during Standard Time)
Zip code: 73179

What is OAG Code?

IATA codes starting with the letter O

OAG Orange Springhill
OAK Oakland (CA) Metropolitan Oak International
OAL Cacoal Cacoal
OAM Oamaru Oamaru
OAN Olanchito Olanchito

Who owns Will Rogers World Airport?

Oklahoma City Department of Airports
The Oklahoma City Department of Airports is comprised of three airports: Will Rogers World Airport, Wiley Post Airport and Clarence E. Page Airport. The airports are owned by the City of Oklahoma City and leased to the Oklahoma City Airport Trust, which oversees management of the facilities.

What airport abbreviation is ord?

O’Hare International Airport/Code

What is the ICAO code for Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City Airport Info: Oklahoma City Airport IATA Code: OKC Oklahoma City Airport ICAO Code: KOKC Latitude : 35.3944 Longitude : -97.6011 City : Oklahoma City Country : United States World Area Code : 67 Airport Type : Large

Where can I find Oklahoma City Municipal Code?

Online access to the Oklahoma City Municipal Code is provided through MuniCode. Please email the City Clerk if you have difficulty accessing the Oklahoma City Municipal Code.

How many ZIP codes are in Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City, OK Covers 74 ZIP Codes ZIP Code Type Population ZIP Code 73101 P.O. Box 0 ZIP Code 73102 Standard 3,858 ZIP Code 73103 Standard 4,315 ZIP Code 73104 Standard 1,664

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