Why was Black Dog Salvage Cancelled?

Why was Black Dog Salvage Cancelled?

(WDBJ) – It was a great run, but after eight years, 11 seasons and 143 episodes, the reality show with Roanoke roots, Salvage Dawgs, is coming to an end. A combination of factors, including COVID-19 and changes at the DIY Network, played a role.

Who is the girl on Black Dog Salvage?

alumna Grayson Goldsmith ‘
Appalachian State University alumna Grayson Goldsmith ’11 describes how her work at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, Virginia, is a natural extension of her Sustainable Development degree.

When did Black Dog Salvage open?

Black Dog Salvage was created in 1999 to provide a home for Southwestern Virginia’s architectural past.

Is Salvage Dawgs still on?

If “Salvage Dawgs” didn’t deliver, it would have been cancelled. Instead, the show ran for 11 seasons, resulting in 143 episodes — “three lifetimes in the reality world,” said Christa Stephens, branding and promotions director for Black Dog Salvage.

Where can I find the Black Dog Salvage team?

Salvage Dawgs. Since 2012 the incredible adventures of the Black Dog Salvage team have been aired on HGTV, DIY, Discovery, and Great American Country as the TV series Salvage Dawgs.

What to do at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke?

Curated regional artisans and vendors also add a constantly changing mix of new, vintage, and antique home decor. Shop for unique gifts, souvenirs, apparel, dog gear, and our expanded gourmet Market collection.

When was the stone house at Black Dog Salvage built?

The Stone House at Black Dog Salvage is a fully renovated, upscale guest house and special event venue built in 1911 and designed for modern day living. Original architectural details add warmth and character throughout the house.

Who are the owners of Salvage Dawgs Roanoke?

Kulp and his business partner, Mike Whiteside, started making episodes out of their Roanoke warehouse in 2012. The owners and their crew aim to repurpose, reuse and restore vintage finds.