Why does my Uniden phone keep flashing?

Why does my Uniden phone keep flashing?

Problem: Uniden Dect 6.0 Voice mail Indicator (flashing light) will not stop after voice mail has been retrieved. The blinking red light should stop. If the VM symbol is present next to the battery indicator, then the phones Voice Mail feature is out of sync, ( no message ) and needs to be reset.

How do you reset a Uniden cordless phone?

A: We suggest the following handset reset procedure.

  1. Disconnect the Battery.
  2. Press and Hold the Star and Pound key.
  3. Reconnect the battery while holding down both keys.
  4. Wait for the long beep.
  5. De-register and Re-register the handset, if this doesn’t resolve the issue.
  6. Clear the memory of the handset.

How do you reset a Uniden base station?

How to Reset a Uniden Phone

  1. Press the “Menu” key. Scroll down to the “Deregistration” submenu and press the “OK” key.
  2. Return to the main menu. Press and hold the “Call” button and the “#” key for five seconds or more.
  3. Wait for “DEREGISTER HS” to appear on the screen.
  4. Place the handset on the Uniden phone base.

What does the display say on my Uniden phone?

It is, at most, a couple of years old. It just happened. The phone rang, and even though we answered, pressed the green phone icon, it just kept ringing. Both handset displays say “searching” or, if one tries to use same, “out of range”.

What should I do if my Uniden phone stops charging?

And the symptoms you mentioned are usually the first sign of the batteries getting weak. So what I would suggest is getting replacement batteries for each handset, and allow them to charge for 8-10 hours (overnight). But in the mean time, you MAY be able to get the handsets connected again by taking the system through a “reset”.

How long does an Uniden cell phone battery last?

Now this could be because of weak batteries in the handsets, as the batteries in these units typically last about 1.5 to 3 years, depending on usage. I have several similar Uniden phones, and I usually get about 2 years our of the handset batteries – before they need to be replaced.

What to do if your Uniden answering machine is not working?

But if you have any trouble with returning the system, you should be able to contact Uniden Customer service (contact information below), and arrange to have the system repaired or replaced. Again, you will want to have your receipt or other proof of purchase. Now you can TRY the reset again, but it sounds like you have a failed main base unit.