Why did Prophet kill himself Crysis 2?

Why did Prophet kill himself Crysis 2?

In the game, Prophet rescues a dying Alcatraz during a submarine explosion and then combines Alcatraz with his suit before committing suicide to prevent a Ceph virus within himself from spreading, and also to allow the Nanosuit to fully bond with Alcatraz.

Why did Prophet take over Alcatraz?

He said that he could have died when he first put on the suit, or when he killed himself. He said that Prophet is only a ghost in a stolen corpse. Prophet said that he needed the body to hunt down and defeat the Ceph. He said that it was Alcatraz’s body but if he really wanted it back, he would have taken it.

Is Prophet dead Crysis 2?

Crysis 2: Alcatraz (Dies in Crysis 2((I think)), wearing Prophet`s suit with all his memories stored in it. Crysis 3: Prophet s (“Died” in Crysis 2) mind, voice and other parts, merged with Alcatraz s dead body.

What happens to Prophet at the end of Crysis?

Despite Nomad’s distrust, Prophet leads everyone back out through the portal. Outside, they find that they’ve travelled 18 hours back in time. Prophet reveals that he was surprised the first time, and even saw his old self talking to Pak.

Why is Prophet unable to hear Psycho in Crysis?

The first one is radio transmission overheard by Psycho as he leaves the USS Maine in Frozen Paradise; Prophet is seemingly in danger of hypothermia since his Nanosuit is malfunctioning (Psycho responds, trying to find out where Prophet is, but Prophet is seemingly unable to hear Psycho, possibly due to radio interference).

Who is the main character in Crysis 2?

Alive Prophet, real name Major Laurence Barnes, is a main character in Crysis and Crysis 2 and the main playable character of Crysis 3.

Who is the leader of the Raptor Team in Crysis?

Major Laurence “Prophet” Barnes is the squad leader of Raptor Team during the events of Crysis on the Lingshan Islands and a major character in both Crysis and Crysis 2. A copy of his personality and memories returns as the protagonist in Crysis 3 within the Nanosuit 2.0.