Why did Donald Cragen leave SVU?

Why did Donald Cragen leave SVU?

Cragen officially announces his retirement in the episode “Amaro’s One-Eighty”. He explains that he is leaving to join his girlfriend, Eileen Switzer (Mel Harris), on a six-month cruise around the world, which would take him to his mandatory retirement date.

What happened to Elliot Stabler’s family?

Elliot had a difficult relationship with his parents; his father physically and emotionally abused him, while his mother, Bernadette, suffered from bipolar disorder (a condition that Elliot’s second oldest daughter, Kathleen, inherited) and once nearly killed him during a manic phase when Elliot was three years old.

What is Danny Pino doing now?

He is currently playing drug cartel leader Miguel Galindo on Mayans M.C. (a Sons of Anarchy spinoff) airing on FX, and FBI agent John Bishop in procedural crime drama Gone.

When did Captain Cragen retire from law and order?

Captain Cragen officially retired from the Special Victims Unit in 2014, leaving Benson in charge. ( SVU : ” Amaro’s One-Eighty “) Shortly before retiring, he began dating a woman named Eileen Switzer.

Why did Captain Cragen leave the NYPD?

Known for his dark humor and sarcasm, Cragen had a long career with the NYPD, but just why did the decorated captain leave the force, even when the series showed no sign of stopping? Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about what happened to Cragen on SVU.

What did Donald Cragen say on law and order?

While on Law & Order, Cragen was depicted as easily irritated when under stress; when answering the telephone, his customary greeting was, ” What?!”. By the time of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, however, he has become more unflappable. He is jaded by city politics and no longer votes.

When did Donald Cragen leave Game of Thrones?

The Cragen character was removed from the series after the third season, making his last appearance in the season finale episode “Benevolence”. Although his departure is not immediately explained, it is established in the fifth season episode ” Bad Faith ” that he has transferred to head of the Anti-Corruption Task Force.