Why community participation is essential in the tourism development planning process?

Why community participation is essential in the tourism development planning process?

Meanwhile, Komarudin (2013) argues that community participation is an important part of tourism development because it enables multiple stakeholders to build strong political leadership and common consensus efforts to build community participation, the delegates propose ideas in developing active community …

What are the objectives of tourism planning?

The aims of tourism planning include increased visitor satisfaction, increased economic benefits, and the protection of basic cultural and natural resources.

How can the community participate in tourism development?

Three types of community participation can be identified in the context of tourism development and heritage management: coercive participation, induced participation, and spontaneous participation [13–17].

What is community approach in tourism planning?

According to Murphy & Murphy (2004) the community approach to tourism development is an attempt to integrate the interests of all community stakeholders, including residents as a critically-important group, in analysis and proposals for development. …

Where does community participation in tourism planning take place?

This paper reports on a research programme for Huron County, Ontario (Canada), that sought to apply and evaluate a three-stage participation programme for county residents.

How is tourism development setting goals and objectives?

FOR TOURISM DEVELOPMENT Setting Goals and Objectives By Marilyn Barrett Both new and veteran tourism team members are working for their communities all of the time — formally, on specific projects and informally, promoting the community during other business and personal occasions.

Why is tourism development important to the UK?

Look at each of these in detail because you will be expected to apply your knowledge and understanding of the objectives of tourism development to both UK and overseas case studies. Tourism is the world’s largest industry and one of the objectives of tourism development is evonomic gain.

What do you need to know about tourism planning?

However, the sustainable approach to tourism planning hinges on two key requirements: firstly, an enhanced level of multiple stakeholder participation in the tourism planning process is required; and secondly, a need for a strategic orientation towards tourism planning (Simpson, 2001).