Who played Harry Fisher in Waterloo Road?

Who played Harry Fisher in Waterloo Road?

Ceallach Spellman
Ceallach Spellman (/ˈkɛləx/ KEL-əkh; born 31 August 1995) is an English actor and presenter best known for playing Matthew Williams in the ITV drama Cold Feet, Harry Fisher in the BBC One school-based drama Waterloo Road from 2010–2011 and hosting Friday Download and various programmes on CBBC.

What happened to Harry in Waterloo Road?

His sister Jess Fisher also joined with him alongside his dad, Charlie Fisher….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Harry Fisher
Cause/Reason Moved away with his family when his Mum (Karen Fisher) got fired from her role as Headteacher

How old is Harry in Waterloo Road?

Her son Harry (Year 11) and daughter Jess (Year 12) frequently make this difficult.

What year is Harry Fisher in Waterloo Road?

Year 11
Harry “Piggy” Fisher (age 15, Year 11) Harry is intuitive and the first to suspect his father of having an affair.

Who are the characters in Waterloo Road Series 10?

The tenth series consisted of twenty episodes. Following Christine standing down as headmistress, the new headmaster, Vaughan Fitzgerald, arrives at Waterloo Road with his mismatched family, consisting of his new partner, Art teacher Allie Westbrook, her two children Floyd and Tiffany, and Vaughan’s argumentative sons Justin and Leo.

How many episodes are there in Waterloo Road?

The series follows the lives of the staff and pupils of the eponymous school, a troubled Scottish comprehensive. The tenth series consisted of twenty episodes.

Who was the actor who played Harry in Waterloo Road?

Harry was portrayed by Ceallach “Cel” Spellman. In the first episode, Harry finds out that his dad is having an affair and alongside the help of Sambuca Kelly , takes photos of him and Francesca Montoya, all though he is actually seeing another woman called Maria. At first Karen doesn’t believe him but then the story unfolds.

Who was Karen Fisher in Waterloo Road Series 6?

Karen Fisher was Waterloo Road ‘s second-shortest-lasting Headteacher. When she arrived in Series 6 following the resignation of Rachel Mason in the previous series, she brought with her a cheating husband, Charlie Fisher , a rebellious daughter, Jess Fisher , and a bulimic son, Harry Fisher.