Who is Stora Enso and what do they do?

Who is Stora Enso and what do they do?

Stora Enso is a leading global provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden construction and paper. Are you looking for a partner to accelerate the materials eco-evolution?

Where did Stora Enso build Strabag training center?

Building for the future was the guiding principle in the design and construction of Strabag’s new accommodation facilities for apprentices. The Austrian construction company used prefabricated wooden elements by Stora Enso to build housing for 250 apprentices who start their career at the training center in Ybbs near Vienna.

How big was the Stora Enso forest in Sweden?

The company owned 2.3 million hectares of forest of which 1.6 million hectares (an area larger than Connecticut) in Sweden and the rest in Canada, Portugal and Brazil. It also produced 7.5 TWh of mostly hydroelectric power .

Where can I find Stora Enso biodegradable straw?

To find out Stora Enso has begun testing an automated truck in its Uimaharju mill area in Joensuu, Finland. Stora Enso and Sulapac are launching a renewable and biodegradable straw to combat the global problem of plastic waste. The straw has strong usability and works just like a traditional straw.

Where are the Stora Enso plantations in China?

In 2002, Stora Enso started investigating the possibility of establishing plantations and production facilities in Guangxi, China. In recent years the company has gone through heavy restructuring. The North American operations were divested in 2007 to NewPage Corporation.

What kind of job does Katariina do in Stora Enso?

Katariina works with marketing & communication for our Paper division, in close cooperation with sales. When clicking on a job vacancy, you will be transferred to the relevant job description in our online recruitment portal, which will open in a new window.