Who is Sir James Wallaces manager?

Who is Sir James Wallaces manager?

Anthony Lugo Sharpe
Sir James lives in the seven-bedroom house with his two dogs, fox terrier Robbie and Jack Russell Lass, along with house manager and internationally trained private butler Anthony Lugo Sharpe and other staff.

How did James Wallace make his money?

His own personal wealth is “modest” he says. The Auckland convert made his money in the rendering business, after training as a lawyer and working for several other companies first. He took the floundering boiler works that his dad ran, got it making money, then added a meat plant and later a tannery.

Where is Sir James Wallace?

Since 2010 it has housed the burgeoning Wallace Arts Trust Collection — a treasure trove of over 7000 works by New Zealand artists. Sir James’ office is on the upper floor of the homestead, and has sweeping views of the farm-like gardens below and beyond to One Tree Hill.

Who is James Wallace nz?

James Wallace, KNZM, is a patron of cinema, among other types of art. Wallace produced pioneering AIDS drama A Death in the Family and acclaimed feature Desperate Remedies. He was the Company Secretary and Solicitor for cinema chain Kerridge Odeon, and has spent time on the board of the NZ Film Commission.

What was the main building of Rannoch School?

Dall House was the main school building. It housed two of the boys’ boarding houses, the dining hall, kitchens, masters common room and headmasters office, and in later years the girls boarding house. The estate dates back to 1347.

Who is Sir James Wallace in New Zealand?

Down a concealed lane, deep in an acre of woodland in central Auckland lives Sir James Wallace: a man who has spent more than five decades creating a footprint of New Zealand contemporary art, a valuable and all-inclusive collection he has given to the country.

How much does Sir James Wallace spend on art?

Sir James has been surveying the New Zealand landscape for art for the past 50 years, amassing thousands of works. He is also responsible for one of the largest arts patronage programmes in the country. “We spend around $2 million a year on the arts,” he says.

Who is the current owner of Rannoch Castle?

From 1959-2002 the main house was home to Rannoch School, an independent boarding school whose former pupils include the current Earl of Cardigan. In 2002 it was bought by businessman Malcolm James, who hoped to turn the Estate into an elite private members club.