Which Zong package is best?

Which Zong package is best?

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Package Name Free MBs Validity
Zong Good Night 3G / 4G Package 2500 1 Day
Zong Daily 3G / 4G Package (Daily Basic) 100 1 Day
Zong Daytime Offer 1500 1 Day
Zong Daily Data Max 3G / 4G Package 500 1 Day

How can I get free Zong mints?

“To take advantage of this offering by Zong 4G, customers can simply dial *45# and get 20 Zong to Zong minutes, without any charges at all. The free minutes can be availed on a daily basis by prepaid subscribers,” the statement added.

What is Zong 20 plan?

Zong 20 Package

Charging Pulse 20 sec
On-net/Off-net (Rs./pulse) Rs. 0.83+Tax
SMS Rs. (All Networks) Rs. 1.80+Tax
Mobile Internet (Rs./ MB) Rs. 4+Tax
Package conversion SMS Sub to 931 or Call 310

How much does Zong daily basic internet package cost?

Daily Basic Internet Package offers its customer with 100 MBs of internet for the duration of 1 day and at a price of Rs 15+tax only; the offer can be subscribed by dialing *6464# and in order to check the remaining data dial *102# however, out of bundle rate is Rs 1 per MBs and will be charged as per the bundle expiry.

What is the value of Zong Power Pack 500?

‘Zong Monthly Power Pack 500’ is comprised of the packages like ‘Zong Power Pack SIMS’ and ‘Monthly Power Pack 500 (Starter Package)’. The package offers 1000 On-Net minutes, 50 Off-Net minutes, the bundle of 1000 SMS and 2500 MBs of mobile internet data for the entire month in Rs 500.

Which is the best package for Zong flutter?

Another package ‘Zong Full Gup Package’, offers 75 On-Net minutes, 100 SMS (for any network) and 30MBs of internet data with the minimum price of Rs 5 plus tax per day. The package is reactivated daily at midnight. ‘Zong Flutter Package’ is offered to those clients who want only SMS bundle and voice call services with minimum budget.

What is the cost of Zong Shandaar monthly package?

‘Zong Shandaar Monthly package’ brings 1,000 On-Net minutes, 100 Off-Net minutes, 1,000 SMS and 1,000 MBs free internet data. This is a relatively inexpensive package which can be subscribed by spending monthly charges of Rs 358. The package provides all services for the entire month with minimum expenses.