Which is the best international school in Hungary?

Which is the best international school in Hungary?

International schools

  • American International School of Budapest (AISB)
  • Britannica International School (pending)
  • The British International School, Budapest (BISB)
  • Greater Grace International School of Budapest (pending)
  • Budapest British International Academy (BBIA)
  • Budapest British International School (BBIS)

Is English taught in Hungarian schools?

Since there is no compusorily taught foreign language in Hungary, students and their parents can choose the language they want to learn. In most schools English and German are taught, and these are the languages students can choose from.

Is kindergarten free in Hungary?

Most students are foreigners. These schools require a tuition fee, which is usually quite high. In Hungary, parents have the freedom of choice in selecting a kindergarten, school or hall of residence for their children.

Are schools free in Hungary?

Most of the Hungarian universities are public institutions and tuition free, that’s why students traditionally study without fee payment. Today, there are 67 higher education institutions in Hungary, ranging from small colleges to top research universities.

Which is the largest international school in Hungary?

The International School of Budapest International Bilingual Primary and Secondary School is the largest English-Hungarian bilingual international school in Hungary. We provide an international education in a caring environment to children from 5 to 18 years old, covering preparatory, primary and secondary school education.

How long is a primary school in Hungary?

Primary School (általános iskola) Basic education in Hungary lasts usually eight (in some cases ten) years. The primary school is divided into a lower lever (class 1-4) and an upper level (class 4-8).

Are there any English language schools in Budapest?

Established nearly 50 years ago by the US Embassy for their staff, now with students from over 50 nationalities but English is still the main language of instruction. Currently, all on one campus outside Budapest in two main buildings. Fabulous looking website packed with great videos but maybe a bit short on useful information.

Which is the official language of Education in Hungary?

The official language of instruction is Hungarian, but a number of ethnic and national minorities (e.g. German, Romanian, Slovene, Serb and Croatian) have minority educational institutions with their own languages as first or second language of instruction at primary and secondary level of teaching.