Where is Yamal?

Where is Yamal?

Yamal Peninsula, Russian Poluostrov Yamal, Arctic lowland region in northwestern Siberia, west-central Russia. It is bounded on the west by the Kara Sea and Baydarata Bay, on the east and southeast by the Gulf of Ob, and on the north by the Malygina Strait.

Why is Yamal peninsula called the end of the world?

There’s a place in remote Russian Siberia that’s called the Yamal Peninsula, which translates into English as “the end of the world.” The name isn’t supposed to be ironic: Russian scientists have determined that a massive crater discovered in a remote part of Siberia was probably caused by thawing permafrost.

How deep is the permafrost in the Yamal Peninsula?

Prior to their research it was proposed that methane was tightly sealed into the permafrost by water depths up to 100 m (330 ft). Close to the shore however, where the permafrost seal tapers to a depth of as little as 20 m (66 ft), there are significant amounts of gas leakage.

Where is Gydan Peninsula?

northern Russia
Gyda Peninsula, also called Gydan Peninsula, Russian Gydansky Poluostrov, peninsula, northern Russia. It is a northern extension of the West Siberian Plain reaching into the Kara Sea and situated between the bays of Ob and Tazovsky to the west and the estuary of the Yenisey River to the east.

Where is the Yamal Peninsula located in Russia?

The Yamal Peninsula ( Russian: полуо́стров Яма́л) is located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of northwest Siberia, Russia. It extends roughly 700 km (435 mi) and is bordered principally by the Kara Sea, Baydaratskaya Bay on the west, and by the Gulf of Ob on the east.

What was the cause of the Yamal sinkhole?

The sinkhole appeared to be the result of a huge explosion and several hypotheses were suggested to explain the formation of the crater, including a hit by a meteorite or a UFO, or the collapse of an underground gas facility. A spokesperson for the Yamal branch of the Emergencies Ministry said, “We can definitely say that it’s not a meteorite.”.

How big is the outer hull of the Yamal?

Yamal is equipped with a double hull. The outer hull is 48 mm (1.89 in) thick where ice is met and 25 mm (0.98 in) elsewhere and has a polymer coating to reduce friction. There is water ballast between the inner and outer hulls which can be shifted in order to aid icebreaking.

Where did the name Yamal icebreaker come from?

For other uses, see Yamal (disambiguation). Yamal ( Russian: Ямал) is a Russian Arktika -class nuclear-powered icebreaker operated by Atomflot (formerly by the Murmansk Shipping Company). She is named after the Yamal Peninsula in Northwest Siberia; the name means End of the Land in Nenets .