Where is the Shadow Broker model ship?

Where is the Shadow Broker model ship?

Mass Effect 3

Model Location
Shadow Broker Base Deck 4: In the subdeck, behind some stacked boxes in front of the workbench on the starboard side. It is only present if the Lair of the Shadow Broker content for Mass Effect 2 was purchased.
Sovereign Deck 4: In the subdeck, in a large box behind the workbench.

How do you trigger the Lair of the Shadow Broker?

To start the Shadow Broker mission, you need to progress far enough into the story of Mass Effect 2 until you meet Liara T’Soni and unlock Illium. After clearing her story mission and exhausting her dialogue options, you should receive a new message at your private terminal the next time you return to the Normandy.

Do I need to do Lair of the Shadow Broker?

Although it can be played at any time, it’s recommended to complete it after the main game, due to some references in there, or at least, you should wait until you’ve exhausted everything you can do with Liara T’Soni in Illium. To start it, talk to Liara, and ask about the Shadow Broker.

What happens at the end of the Shadow Broker’s ship?

The Shadow Broker’s Ship This entire section is essentially a long-winded corridor fight in the midst of an ongoing storm that sends enemies hurtling into the unknown when strung up by Shephard’s powerset. It’s reminiscent of the original Mass Effect’s ending, and there’s not much to it other than going in a straight line.

What can you do with Lair of Shadow Broker?

Besides the cinematic Action Movie esque combat and story, Lair of the Shadow Broker adds two upgrades, access to the Shadow Broker’s intelligence center, and a chance to rekindle your past romance with Liara (if applicable). If you did not romance Liara in Mass Effect, you can still spend an evening with her, though it won’t be as intimate.

Where is the Shadow Broker base in Mass Effect 2?

— Spoilers for Mass Effect 2 follow. After completing Lair of the Shadow Broker, the Shadow Broker’s Base becomes a visitable location. Inside the Shadow Broker’s Intel Center are several terminals with numerous functions.

Where does defeating vasir get you the Shadow Broker?

Defeating Vasir gets you Dakat’s datapad back, and thus the location of the Shadow Broker. You can use several Paragon interrupts on Liara during the ensuing conversation, particularly if you romanced her during the first game.