Where is the merry maidens circle?

Where is the merry maidens circle?

The Merry Maidens (grid reference SW432245), also known as Dawn’s Men (a likely corruption of the Cornish Dans Maen “Stone Dance”) is a late neolithic stone circle located 2 miles (3 km) to the south of the village of St Buryan, in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Which county is the Merry Maidens stone circle?

The Merry Maidens are a circle of 19 small stones in a field near Lamorna, on the Lands End to Newlyn road. This is probably the best-preserved of all the stone circles in Cornwall, and it is, unusually, believed to be complete and unaltered.

Has the Maidens turned to stone for Sabbath dancing?

Just as for other anthropomorphically named ancient stone monuments (Merry Maidens, Hurlers etc.), the Nine Maidens were reputedly nine girls turned to stone for dancing on the Sabbath and, thus, angering their god; the Fiddler, their equally sinful musical accompaniment.

How old are the Merry Maidens?

The site dates from the late Neolithic-early Bronze Age (approx. 2500-1500 BC) and consists of a circle of 19 stones, standing slightly below a ridge of the sloping field. First recorded in the 18th Century, with two stones lying down, the site was completely restored by 1879.

Where is the Merry Maidens stone circle in Penzance?

The Merry Maidens Stone Circle lies beside the B3315 road about 4 miles (6 km) from Penzance. The road goes past the turning to Lamorna valley and then about half a mile further on, the stone circle can be found in a field on the south side of the road.

What kind of Circle was the Merry Maidens?

The Merry Maidens is a Neolithic stone circle; a perfect and complete stone circle that is just one prehistoric element within a landscape that has a range of ritual and funerary monuments that included burial mounds, standing stones, and at least one other stone circle. View from the south, and the outlying stones.

Where are the Merry Maidens located in England?

The Merry Maidens, England. Location: Cornwall, Near Trewoofe. ( SW 432 245). Merry Maidens: (Stone Circle). This is the best known and preserved circle in Cornwall: it is believed to be complete, which is rare in itself.

How tall are the stones in the Merry Maidens?

The circle, which is thought to be complete, comprises nineteen granite megaliths and is situated in a field alongside the B3315 between Newlyn and Land’s End. The stones are approximately 1.2 metres high, with the tallest standing 1.4 metres.