Where is Mcleods daughters set?

Where is Mcleods daughters set?

McLeod’s Daughters
Producers Posie Graeme-Evans Susan Bower Karl Zwicky Vikki Barr
Production locations Kingsford between the townships of Gawler and Freeling, one hour north of Adelaide
Camera setup Single-camera setup Film (Super 16)
Running time 45 minutes

Is Gungellan Australia a real place?

It may be fictional in “McLeod’s Daughters,” but Bridie Carter says you can really find it in Australia. “Gungellan is actually a little real town called Freeling. So the main property, Drover’s Run, was about an hour north of Adelaide… Most actors, a lot of them stayed around that homestead.

Is Drovers Run a real farm?

Drovers Run, is a fictional cattle station in the South Australian outback in the Australian hit drama show McLeod’s Daughters. Named generically after a drover, it has been in the McLeod family for generations passed on from father to son but was passed on to the two daughters of Jack McLeod.

Where was the TV series McLeod’s daughters filmed?

The award winning television series “McLeod’s Daughters” was filmed entirely on location in South Australia during 2001 – 2008.

How big is the backlot of McLeod’s daughters?

The property, Kingsford, is surrounded by 135 acres (55ha) of farming land, which the shows creator, Posie Graeme-Evans refers to as “our very own backlot”. Although initially part of a 30,000-acre (12,245ha) property, Kingsford has been used in recent years by the South Australian Government as a wheat research station.

Where did Tess and Claire live in McLeod’s daughters?

Tess and Claire’s stunning home may have been called Drover’s Run in McLeod’s Daughters, but it goes by a different name in reality. Named Kingsford Homestead, the property was acquired by Kerry Packer when he was owner of the Nine Network. The homestead was only used for McLeod’s Daughters from 2001 until the series ended.

What to do in McLeods daughters South Australia?

From seeing Drovers Run and the Gungellan Truck Stop to enjoying a country morning tea, you’ll enter the world of ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ and become captivated by the history of the Light Region of South Australia. Book your full-day or half-day tour today! At Day Tripper Tours, we’re absolute fanatics about one of Australia’s best dramas.