Where is Cairn Raider in tomb Raider?

Where is Cairn Raider in tomb Raider?

Cairn Raider 5 is southeast of the entrance of the Flooded Vault tomb. Place the tomb’s entrance on Lara’s left and line up two trees (they are each planted on an island Lara may jump to). The cairn is past the second tree.

How do you get 100 completion in Tomb Raider?

What You Need To Do To Get 100% Completion

  1. Finish the game.
  2. Collect all documents, relics, GPS caches, and treasure maps.
  3. Find and raid all Challenge Tombs.
  4. Complete all Challenges.
  5. Earn all Skill upgrades.
  6. Fully unlock and upgrade all weapons.

Where are the mine sweepers in Tomb Raider?

Tomb Raider Mine Sweeper Challenge Locations. 1 Mine sweeper no.1. Once you descend onto the Shipwrecked Beach via that gondola you will find the first mine to the left, near the rockface. Map 2 Mine sweeper no.2. 3 Mine sweeper no.3. 4 Mine sweeper no.4. 5 Mine sweeper no.5.

Where do you find the Cairns in Tomb Raider?

Cairn Raider – Find the five Cairns on Shipwreck Beach. Lara may find all the needed Cairns after she retrieves the block and tackle for Reyes and Jonah from the first shipwreck. Cairn Raider 1 is at the first “rock spire” where Lara lands from the Gondola ride. This cairn is on a rock ledge by the Sea Mine and the GPS cache.

How does Lara kill all the mines in Tomb Raider?

Lara can destroy all the mines before reaching the next area Cliffside Bunker, but she will need to complete the task for Jonah and Reyes (get the block and tackle from the initial shipwreck) because Lara requires the Compound Bow to shoot Rope Arrows into climb-able rock.

Where are the collectibles in Tomb Raider Shipwreck Beach?

Cairn Raider | Collectibles: Shipwreck Beach Tomb Raider Guide. CAIRN 1/5. Coordinates: [712469; 3416008] Note: In the north-western part of the beach, near the spot where you begin the exploration of Shipwreck Beach.