What were the main values of the Enlightenment?

What were the main values of the Enlightenment?

The Enlightenment, a philosophical movement that dominated in Europe during the 18th century, was centered around the idea that reason is the primary source of authority and legitimacy, and advocated such ideals as liberty, progress, tolerance, fraternity, constitutional government, and separation of church and state.

What was the Enlightenment in the 19th century?

European politics, philosophy, science and communications were radically reoriented during the course of the “long 18th century” (1685-1815) as part of a movement referred to by its participants as the Age of Reason, or simply the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment ultimately gave way to 19th-century Romanticism.

What were the two founding values of the Enlightenment?

According to Jonathan Israel, these laid down two distinct lines of Enlightenment thought: first, the moderate variety, following Descartes, Locke and Christian Wolff, which sought accommodation between reform and the traditional systems of power and faith, and second, the radical enlightenment, inspired by the …

When did the Age of Enlightenment start and end?

The American Enlightenment Philosophy developed for a period of almost a century starting in mid 18th century and continued till the latter parts of the 19th century.

What are the values of the Enlightenment era?

Citizenship – People are not mere subjects, but citizens of a political community. Citizens are bestowed with certain rights, but also have duties towards their community. Rule of Law – Society is governed according to a set of established rules that apply uniformly to every citizen.

Who are the most important thinkers of the Enlightenment?

Outside France, the Scottish philosophers and economists David Hume and Adam Smith, the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham, Immanuel Kant of Germany, and the American statesman Thomas Jefferson were notable Enlightenment thinkers. What were the most important ideas of the Enlightenment?

What was the style of art during the Age of Enlightenment?

Art during the Age of Enlightenment saw a shift from the opulent baroque style of the 17th century to a “art for the people” a more simple, neoclassicism. [8]