What was decided at the London Conference 1948?

What was decided at the London Conference 1948?

The decisions of the London Conference of the United States, Great Britain and France, with the participation of the Benelux countries, confirm that the Governments of these Powers and German circles closely connected with them are not interested in the early conclusion of a German peace treaty or in the early …

When was the London Conference for Germany?

The London Conference on Germany, First Part, February 23–March 6, 1948.

Who was involved in the London conference?

Sixteen delegates from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada – including John A. Macdonald, George-Étienne Cartier, Alexander Galt and George Brown – made the journey to London. In London, Macdonald, Cartier and the others fine-tuned their bill. Only one important change was made to the Quebec deal.

What conference was the USSR not invited to?

London Conference
The Soviet Union was not invited to the London Conference. The conference conclusions were later called London recommendations. The three western military governors in Germany were assigned to make recommendations to the Minister Presidents in western Germany about how the new state should be established.

Why was the London Conference held in 1948?

The conference was held in two sessions, the first from 23 February to 6 March, the second from 20 April to 2 June 1948. The reason for summoning the conference was that the 15 December 1947 between the four victorious nations United States, Britain, France and the Soviets had ended without result in the German question.

Who was involved in the London six power conference?

The London Six-Power Conferencein 1948 was held between the three Western occupation forcesin Germany after the World War II (United States, Britainand France) and the Beneluxcountries.

Who was the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth in 1948?

The 1948 Commonwealth Prime Ministers’ Conference was the third Meeting of the Heads of Government of the British Commonwealth. It was held in the United Kingdom in October 1948, and was hosted by that country’s Prime Minister, Clement Attlee . It was the first such meeting to be attended by prime ministers of recently independent Asian states:…

What was the result of the London Conference?

London Conference of 1945 – set out the rules of procedure for the Nuremberg Trials; the official document which resulted was the London Charter of the International Military Tribunal London Conference of 1946–47 – on the future of Palestine London 6-Power Conference (1948) – post-WW-II conference of the Western Allies