What teams compete for the Calcutta Cup?

What teams compete for the Calcutta Cup?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Winning the annual England versus Scotland match. The Calcutta Cup is the trophy awarded to the winner of the rugby match between England and Scotland.

When did Scotland win the Grand Slam?

Scotland have won three Grand Slams (including the Triple Crown) in 1925, 1984 and 1990, in addition to a further seven Triple Crowns. They also contest the Calcutta Cup with England as part of the championship.

When did Scotland last win the Triple Crown?

To defeat all opponents in a Championship campaign earned the name, the Grand Slam, while emerging victorious against all home countries saw another mythical trophy created: the Triple Crown. Scotland have won the Grand Slam on three occasions: 1925, 1984 and 1990, in addition capturing a further seven Triple Crowns.

What kind of football was played in the Calcutta Cup?

The cup is of Indian workmanship, decorated with cobras and an elephant. On Christmas Day 1872, a game of rugby football, between 20 players representing England on one side and 20 representing Scotland on the other, was played in Calcutta . The match was such a success that it was repeated a week later.

When was the Calcutta Cup added to the Six Nations?

In 2004, the two countries’ rugby governing bodies, the Rugby Football Union (England) and the Scottish Rugby Union, were considering a plan to add a second Calcutta Cup fixture each year, outside the Six Nations. The second fixture would be hosted by the away nation in the Six Nations fixture of the same year.

Who is the original owner of the Calcutta Cup?

The original and oldest Calcutta Cup is a silver trophy played for annually by the members of Royal Blackheath Golf Club. It was a gift from the Royal Calcutta Golf Club in response to the presentation of a medal given by Blackheath.

What was the name of the 1990 Five Nations Championship?

1990 Five Nations Championship Triple Crown Scotland (10th title) Calcutta Cup Scotland Millennium Trophy England Centenary Quaich Scotland