What size are scaffolding planks?

What size are scaffolding planks?

The standard size for a new scaffold board is a thickness of 38mm, a width of 225mm, and lengths going up to 3.9m (13ft). As timber goes, scaffold boards are fairly “chunky”, which is what gives them a wonderfully rustic and industrial aesthetic and feel.

What minimum dimensions should a wood scaffold plank be?

is at least 38 mm thick by 250 mm wide, and. has a span not longer than 3 m.

What are the minimum thickness of a scaffolding plank?

Scaffold planks must be secured against any movement in any direction (including uplift). Scaffold planks must extend a minimum of 150 mm (6 in.) and a maximum of 300 mm (12 in.) beyond their supports.

What wood is used for scaffold planks?

European Whitewood
The wood used to produce scaffold boards in the UK is European Whitewood, which is imported from the continent as it is this particular wood that is stipulated in the by BS 2482.

What is the size of a scaffold plank?

The grades and sizes below should help you and your scaffolder when picking the appropriate scaffold planks. GRADE WIDTH (in mm) WIDTH (in Inches) Select structural Scaffold planks 38 x 235 2 x 10 (nominal) Select structural Joists and planks 38 x 235 2 x 10 (nominal) No. 2 and Better Joists and planks 48 x 251 2 x 10 (rough sewn)

How long is a scaffold plank?

Scaffold planks must extend a minimum of 150 mm (6 in.) and a maximum of 300 mm (12 in .) Hereof, what is a scaffold plank? Solid-sawn plank. Traditionally, scaffold planks were solid-sawn lumber, often full-thickness 2x10s, as opposed to the 2-inch nominal thickness lumber (actual thick- ness, 11⁄2 inches) used for most construction needs.

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