What rides have crashed at Alton Towers?

What rides have crashed at Alton Towers?

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Smiler crash, a rollercoaster collision which rocked the UK back in 2015. The serious crash unfolded on June 2, 2015, when a loaded train on the Alton Towers attraction collided with an empty test train, causing serious injuries to a number of riders.

How much compensation did the girl who lost her leg at Alton Towers get?

Alton Towers crash survivor Vicky Balch has revealed she’s bought her first home with her fiancé. The 24-year-old lost a leg in the horrific incident on The Smiler ride in 2015 and received a multi-million pound payout last month.

What injuries happened on the smiler crash?

Vicky Balch, then 19, and Leah Washington, then 17, were airlifted to hospital and forced to undergo leg amputations after sustaining serious injuries in the crash. Leah’s boyfriend, Joe Pugh, had his knees shattered in the incident, while Daniel Thorpe suffered a broken leg and a punctured lung.

How did the crash at Alton Towers happen?

Sixteen people were riding in one carriage on the attraction when the crash happened just after 2pm. It is believed the passengers crashed into an empty stationary carriage, leaving those hurt stuck on the ride – 25ft in the air, at a 45 degree angle – for more than four hours.

Who was injured on Smiler ride at Alton Towers?

Read more about sharing. Human error caused the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash in June that seriously injured five people, the Staffordshire theme park has said. Two women – Victoria Balch and Leah Washington – had legs amputated after the Smiler ride hit an empty carriage on 2 June.

How tall are the rides at Alton Towers?

With over 40 rides and attractions at Alton Towers Theme Park there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Height. 1.4m.

Who was the woman who lost her leg at Alton Towers?

A woman who lost her leg in a rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers has received a multi-million pound payout four years on. Beautician Vicky Balch was one of 16 people injured when an empty carriage was stranded on the track of ride Smiler back in June 2015.