What movie is Belle from?

What movie is Belle from?

Beauty and the Beast
Belle is a fictional character in Walt Disney Pictures’ 30th animated feature film Beauty and the Beast (1991). Originally voiced by American actress and singer Paige O’Hara, Belle is the non-conforming daughter of an inventor, who yearns to abandon her predictable village life in return for adventure.

Is the movie Belle accurate?

An elegantly rendered costume drama that opened Friday, Belle tells a true story only lately becoming better known in Britain and remarkable in its details: An illegitimate biracial child, Dido Elizabeth Belle, born to a British admiral and a former slave he loved, is brought up as an orphaned, beloved member of her …

Who was Dido Belle in the movie Belle?

Dido Belle, the mixed-race daughter of an 18th-century British aristocrat, is the subject of a mysterious painting and a new film, Belle. Puzzle of the pose … the painting of Lady Elizabeth Murray and Dido Belle once attributed to Johann Zoffany, 1779.

Who was the father of Dido Elizabeth Belle?

DID YOU KNOW? The mixed-race daughter, Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), of Royal Navy Captain Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode) is raised by aristocratic Great-uncle Lord William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) in eighteenth century England.

Who was the inspiration for the movie Belle?

The film is inspired by the 1779 painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle beside her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray, at Kenwood House, which was commissioned by their great-uncle, William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, then Lord Chief Justice of England.

When did Dido Elizabeth Belle become a free woman?

Belle was baptised as Dido Elizabeth Belle in 1766 at St. George’s, Bloomsbury. The Murray family raised Belle as an educated woman along with their niece and Dido’s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Murray, whose mother had died. However, Belle remained a slave until Mansfield finally granted her freedom from slavery in his will in 1793.