What modifier do I use for global period?

What modifier do I use for global period?

Use modifier “-55” with the CPT procedure code for global periods of 10- or 90-days.

Does modifier 24 or 25 go first?

The 24 modifier is appropriate because the E/M service is unrelated and during the postoperative period of the major surgery. The 25 modifier is necessary to identify that the minor surgery/procedure performed on the same day is separately identifiable from the E/M service.

What is the 58 modifier?

Guidelines and Instructions. Submit CPT modifier 58 to indicate that the performance of a procedure or service during the postoperative period was either: Planned prospectively at the time of the original procedure (staged); More extensive than the original procedure; or. For the therapy following a surgical procedure.

Does modifier 79 reset the global period?

Modifier –79 reimburses the surgeon based on 100 percent of the allowed amount and restarts the global period (as long as it exceeds the first global period).

What is the 54 modifier for Global Surgery?

Global Surgery Modifiers. Services billed with a 54 modifier will be reimbursed at the intraoperative allowance for the surgical procedure. The intraoperative allowance includes the one day preoperative care, the intraoperative service, as well as any in-hospital visits that are performed.

How to identify the correct global period E / M modifier?

The appropriate coding is 26600-LT Closed treatment of metacarpal fracture, single; without manipulation, each bone, which has a 90-day global period. Modifier LT Left side is appended to indicate location. The diagnosis is 815.03 Fracture of metacarpal bone (s); closed; shaft of metacarpal bones (s).

Is the modifier 58 subject to global period allowance reductions?

Modifiers 58 (staged, related) and 79 (unrelated) are not subject to any global period allowance reductions. Documentation may be required for review to verify the services were staged or

When did CMS change the Global Surgery code?

Effective January 1, 2016, CMS issued the following code changes affecting global surgery: • 44799: Global Surgery Days = YYY • G9685 and G9686: Global Surgery Days = XXX