What load range is a 14 ply trailer tire?

What load range is a 14 ply trailer tire?

Load Range Capacity and Ply Ratings 14-ply rated trailer tires can sustain pressures of up to 110 psi (760 kPa), and weight of over 4,000 lbs per tire. This means that if your trailer has two axles and four wheels, the tires can carry over 16,000 lbs overall.

What is the best trailer tire you can get for ST 235 80 R 16 tires?

Expert Reply: The best tire we have in the size ST235/80R16 that you referenced would be the # TTWTRTM2358016E. This radial tire is a Load Range E with a 3,520 lbs at 80 psi capacity and a speed rating of 81 miles per hour.

What is the difference between a 235 80R16 and a 235 85r16 tire?

The difference is overall diameter. The 235/80-16 is 30.9 inches in diameter. The 235/85-16 is 31.7 inches in diameter. A difference of 0.8 inches but only half of that, 0.4 inches, applies to above the tire.

What is the difference between 10 ply and 14 ply tires?

A tire in the same size but with a higher ply rating would be able to combat some of that but can eventually have the same issues. So when inflating trailer tires be sure to go to the max psi. With that said the 14 ply tires will definitely hold up better than the 10 ply. It is rated for 4,080 pounds at 110 psi.

Which is the best 235 / 80 trailer tire?

The best 235/80-16 trailer tire we have for you is the Provider Radial Trailer Tire part # PRG80235. This tire has a 14 ply and load range G rating which is good for up to 4,080 lbs (per wheel). It has a maximum speed of 81 mph and comes with a two year warranty.

How big are st235 / 80r16 radial trailer tires?

Specs: 1 Fits: 16″ x 6″, 16″ x 6-1/2″, and 16″ x 7″ rims 2 Tire size: ST235/80R16 Section width: 9.3″ Outer diameter (when inflated): 30.8″ 3 Capacity: Load range: G Ply rating: 14 Maximum load: Single tire: 4,080 lbs at 110 psi Dual tires: 3,640 lbs at 110 psi 4 Tread depth: 11/32″ 5 Maximum speed: 81 mph (speed rating M) 6 2-Year limited warranty

How big is a Goodyear radial trailer tire?

Radial special trailer tire has a ply rating of 14 and a 4,080-lb max load at 110 psi. Constructed of double steel belts and double polyester cords with a nylon overlay. Great for highway use.

What kind of tire do I need for a 80 lb trailer?

Radial tire has a 10-ply rating and 3,520-lb max load at 80 psi. 16″ Steel dual wheel with offset has an 8 on 6-1/2 bolt pattern and offset. Acrylic enamel finish resists damage better than powder coat finishes.