What kind of soil do staghorn ferns need?

What kind of soil do staghorn ferns need?

Fill the basket (or a regular pot) about half-full with a loose, well-drained, porous potting mixture: preferably something like shredded pine bark, sphagnum moss or a similar medium. You can use up to one-third regular potting mix, but never use garden soil.

What kind of wood is used for staghorn ferns?

How To Mount Staghorn Ferns. Mounting Staghorn Ferns should be done on rot resistant wood like cedar. Because of the aggressive way that they are watered, and the fact that they are so closely connected to the wood, you need something that can last long term.

How do you plant a staghorn fern?

A simple way to hang your fern from a board:

  1. Wrap the whole root ball with sheet moss, being careful not to damage the basal fronds.
  2. Secure the moss to the root ball using a 3-4 foot long piece of green 22-gauge spool wire. Starting at the top where you want the fern to hang, leave a tail of wire at the beginning.

What kind of Moss do you use to plant a staghorn fern?

Staghorn roots are used to attach themselves to another plant, not obtain water or nutrients. They get their water through their fronds, which should be misted daily with soft water. Growers at Floridata recommend sphagnum moss as a growing medium. Australian growers also recommend sphagnum moss, to which horticultural charcoal may be added.

How to properly mount a rot-resistant staghorn fern?

Part 3 of 3: Mounting a Staghorn Fern Find a plank of wood larger than the base of your fern. Install hanging hardware to the back of the wood. Purchase a pack of hardware used for hanging heavy pictures or mirrors. Trace a circle in the middle of the wood. Hammer in nails all the way around the circle. Place your pruned fern inside the circle of nails.

Can staghorn fern survive full sun?

A staghorn fern will generally bear up better under too much shade than too much direct sun. They need to be protected from heat, cold and strong winds. It’s normal for the large leaf at the base of the plant to turn brown in sun or shade.

Where does the staghorn fern grow?

Staghorn fern thrives in Florida’s heat and humidity; it grows quite well in South Florida and can be grown in North and Central Florida if protected from frosts and freezes. With its beautiful and unusual foliage, staghorn fern is found throughout much of the tropical world.