What is width of Honda Civic?

What is width of Honda Civic?

70.8 in
2021 Honda Civic Specs & Features

Length 177.9 in.
Maximum cargo capacity 46.2 cu.ft.
Overall Width without Mirrors 70.8 in.
Wheel base 106.3 in.

How long and wide is a Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic features a length ranging from 177.3 inches and 182.7 inches and a width ranging from 70.8 to 70.9 inches, depending on trim level of choice.

Is 2012 a good year for Honda Civic?

U.S. News ranked the 2012 Honda Civic as number 1 in the Compact Cars category. Contrary to Consumer Reports, U.S. News believes that the Civic had a smooth, comfortable ride. It was also blown away by the great safety scores.

How far can a Honda Civic go on a full tank of gas?

Honda Civic Hybrid Hybrid cars are increasingly becoming popular as fuel prices rise. With a full tank, you can travel 620 miles****—all the way up from Bradenton to Myrtle Beach without stopping (unless you have to use the restroom, of course).

How high is the Honda Civic off the ground?

Honda Civic is your “middle-of-the-road” vehicle when it comes to ground clearance. Depending on the make model year, the ground clearance of a Honda Civic is between 3.9 inches (100mm) and 6.9 inches (175mm). The ground clearance of the 2021 Honda Civic for most trims is 6.7 inches.

How high off the ground is the Honda Civic?

How much weight can a 2020 Honda Civic hold?

Maximum Weight A Honda Civic can carry 850 lbs. of cargo and passengers.

How many miles can a 2012 Honda Civic go on a full tank?

Compare Side-by-Side

2012 Honda Civic
EPA Fuel Economy Regular Gasoline
31 MPG 28 38 combined city/highway city highway
3.2 gal/100mi
409 miles Total Range

What are the specs of a 2012 Honda Civic?

Used 2012 Honda Civic Specs & Features. More about the 2012 Civic. More about the 2012 Civic. Overview; Curb weight: 2705 lbs. Cargo capacity, all seats in place: 12.5 cu.ft. Height: 56.5 in.

How big is the interior of a Honda Civic?

Interior size on the 2012 Honda Civic sedan has increased from the 2011 model. Passenger volume has increased to 94.6 cubic feet, up 3.7 cubic feet on the 2011 Civic.

What are the dimensions of a Honda car?

Range of Honda automobiles to help you find a new car according to the size of each vehicle. Width measurements are indicated without exterior mirrors (in brackets with mirrors unfolded). Up to 7 seater. With 5 seater: 472 – 561 dm 3

What’s the maximum tire size for a Honda Civic?

This tire has a speed rating of S, which means 111 mph (180 km/h) is the maximum speed that can be sustained for 10 minutes. A higher speed becomes dangerous. The original tire size for your 2012 Honda Civic is listed below. Tap on the box to view a color-coded explanation of your Honda Civic’s’ tire size.