What is there to do in Sacramento on Easter?

What is there to do in Sacramento on Easter?

Aerospace Museum of California. 3200 Freedom Park Drive Sacramento CA 95652.

  • Just For Fun Art. 3995 N Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834.
  • WarmLine Family Resource Center. 2424 Castro Way, Sacramento CA 95818.
  • Fairytale Town.
  • Cordova Recreation & Park District.
  • Rio Linda Elverta Recreation and Park District.
  • What do you fill Easter eggs with?

    25 Things to put in Easter Eggs

    • money (coins, bills, whatever…)
    • rings.
    • necklaces.
    • bracelets.
    • earrings.
    • stickers.
    • erasers.
    • puzzles pieces ( it will take a couple eggs, but when they find them all, they have a puzzle to put together)

    What do you put inside Easter eggs for toddlers?

    Here are 10 fun Easter egg fillers that your kids will actually use:

    • Small musical instruments.
    • Stickers.
    • Egg-shaped crayons and chalk.
    • Matchstick cars.
    • Stamps and mini-ink pads.
    • Small figures.
    • Mini markers.
    • Play dough.

    What to do in Sacramento California this weekend?

    Save Apex Events Presents: Basscon 1 to your collection. Share Apex Events Presents: Basscon 1 with your friends. Save Apex Events Presents: Basscon 1 to your collection. Share The Social Architects and Slim and Husky’s presents: The SAHPREAM Day Party with your friends.

    When is the Carnaval in Sacramento, CA?

    Sacramento Events are abundant and ongoing, from the Carnaval Sacramento in February to the California State Fair in July; there is something for everyone in this eclectic and unique lineup of events in the state capitol of California.

    Are there any music festivals in Sacramento CA?

    For those native to Sacramento and everyone visiting this wonderful city, all will want to know about these great annual Festivals in Sacramento happening in the city and surrounding area.

    When is the beer festival in Sacramento CA?

    Adult libations flow at events such as the: California Brewers Festival, Capitol Beer Fest, Oktober Fest, Northern California Premium Sake Fest, and many more. A whole week is set aside in August for Sacramento Cocktail Week.