What is the present 5 Year plan of India?

What is the present 5 Year plan of India?

The Five-Year Plans were laid to rest by the Narendra Modi-led NDA government in 2015. Hence, the 12th five-year plan is considered the last five-year plan of India. The decades-old Five-Year Plans was replaced by a three-year action plan, which will be part of a seven-year strategy paper and a 15-year vision document.

How many 5 year plans are there in India?

12 Five-Year Plans
Annual plans were launched for the years 1990-91 and 1991-92, and the Eighth Five-Year Plan was kicked off in 1992. India had a total of 12 Five-Year Plans, the last one being from 2012-2017.

What was the period of India’s Fifth Five Year Plan?

Fifth Plan (1974–1978) The Fifth Five-Year Plan laid stress on employment, poverty alleviation (Garibi Hatao), and justice. The plan also focused on self-reliance in agricultural production and defence.

Are there any five year plans in India?

This article will keep you updated on the history and objectives of economic planning in India, Five Year Plans and the Planning Commission as well as its successor, the NITI Aayog. You can also download the list of Five Year Plans, its objectives, and assessments in the form of PDF.

What are the five year plans of the Planning Commission?

Five Year Plans 1 First Five Year Plan (1951-56): This plan was based on the Harrod-Domar model. 2 Second Five Year Plan (1956-61): This plan was based on the Mahalanobis model. 3 Third Five Year Plan (1961-66): The third Five-year Plan stressed growth in agriculture and industry.

Where did idea of 5 year plan come from?

The idea of economic planning for five years was taken from the Soviet Union under the socialist influence of first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

What was the growth rate of the Sixth Five Year Plan in India?

The Sixth Five-Year Plan was a great success to the Indian economy. The target growth rate was 5.2% and the actual growth rate was 5.7%. Seventh Plan (1985–1990) The Seventh Five-Year Plan was led by the Congress Party with Rajiv Gandhi as the prime minister.