What is the most valuable toy from the 80s?

What is the most valuable toy from the 80s?

Most Valuable Toys From the 1980s

  • ThunderCats Action Figures.
  • Bottom Line: ThunderCats Action Figures.
  • Rapunzel My Little Pony.
  • Bottom Line: Rapunzel My Little Pony.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Bottom Line: Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Star Wars Glasslite Vlix.
  • Bottom Line: Star Wars Glasslite Vlix.

What toys did children play with in the 1980s?

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  • 1980 – Pac-Man. Most Read.
  • 1981 – Care Bears.
  • 1981 – My Little Pony.
  • 1982 Glo Worm.
  • 1983 – Cabbage Patch Kids.
  • 1984 – Transformers.
  • 1984 Rainbow Brite Doll.
  • 1985 Teddy Ruxpin.

What kind of toys were popular in the 80’s?

80s toys can include anything from our favorite TV shows or cartoons to popular toys from the time. You can find Cabbage Patch Dolls on internet sale sites for over $300; Teddy Ruxpin is over $400. For many, however, collecting isn’t about the money. It may be the memories and nostalgia, or it may be something else entirely.

What did kids do for fun in the 80s?

For children of the 1980s, buying toys wasn’t as simple as the click of the mouse. It usually required hours of begging your parents, who then had to venture to the toy store and hope they still had it in stock.

What was the most popular toy in 1987?

One of the few best-selling new toys in 1987 was PoGo Bal, a variation on the pogo stick, made by Hasbro. PoGo Bal is a circular disc that has a rubber ball attached to the top and to the bottom.

What was the most expensive Star Wars toy in the 1980s?

Here’s a look at some of the most expensive 1980s-era “Star Wars” figures: Yellow box of six 3.75-inch figures (Darth Vader, Hoth Battle Gear Storm Trooper, AT-AT Driver, Hoth Battle Gear Rebel Soldier, IG-88 and Yoda) that sold for $28,556 .