What is the main message of the Dark Knight?

What is the main message of the Dark Knight?

According to Wikipedia, the main theme of The Dark Knight is escalation, such that each event lead to an escalation that results from the choices Batman and James Gordon make.

What are the themes of the Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight Themes

  • Justice versus Corruption. Batman is primarily concerned with seeing justice done.
  • Bearing the Burden. At the end of the film, Batman must decide to take the fall for Harvey Dent’s murderous actions as Two-Face.
  • Loss of Love.
  • Chaos and Destruction.
  • Human Nature is Essentially Good.
  • A Normal Life.
  • Chance.

Why do Batman and Superman fight Dark Knight Returns?

The whole purpose of the fight was ultimately to make the powers-that-be—as well as Superman himself—think that Batman was dead, so he could pursue a secret agenda without further interference. However, Superman realizes the deception during the funeral, upon hearing Batman’s heart re-start.

What are the main themes of the Dark Knight Returns?

The main conflicts in the world of The Dark Knight Returns revolve around escalating crime in Gotham city and forces of the authority attempting to control it. The authority should be a moral force and represent justice. The figures that represent the authority should be selfless and work only to promote the integrity of law and order.

Who are the main characters in Batman The Dark Knight Returns?

Finally, some of the main characters have dual identities. The aging million-heir Bruce Wayne is also the Batman, Gotham’s vigilante. Young female Carrie Kelly is also “the boy wonder” Robin. Harvey Dent is the villain Two-Face. The old Oliver Queen is the nimble Green Arrow. The news reporter Clark Kent is also America’s hero, Superman.

Why was Batman needed in the Dark Knight?

There is a certain poeticism that this is a city so corrupt and degraded that it needed a hero like Batman, and it was only because it was like so that Bruce’s parents were killed. It is as if the city had sunk so low, eventually something had to happen that was so terrible it could sling it in the opposite direction.

Who is the damsel in distress in Batman The Dark Knight Returns?

Neither female is a damsel in distress, but both take action to get what they want. Carrie Kelly, a teenager, saves up her lunch money to buy her costume to be Robin, and goes in search of Batman. Yindel’s first action as head of police is to issue a warrant for Batman’s arrest. Both women are proactive and are a main part of the story.