What is the luckiest seed in Minecraft?

What is the luckiest seed in Minecraft?

A list of the luckiest Minecraft seeds to try

  • Spawn on the fortress (Image via Minecraft)
  • Village with four blacksmiths (Image via Minecraft)
  • Rare spawn (Image via Minecraft)
  • Glitched portal (Image via Minecraft)
  • Small jungle edge (Image via Minecraft)

What is the best seed for Minecraft PE speedrun?

Five best Minecraft seeds to speedrun

  • 1) Villages and Desert Temple (Seed: 1955471898)
  • 2) Speedrunner’s Delight (Seed: 6254448515498253750)
  • 3) Great for a Speedrun (Seed: 6254448515498253750)
  • 4) Village Spawn (Seed Code: 7453340963196383811)
  • 5) World Record Seed (Seed: 1156391694)

What is the hardest seed in Minecraft PE?

619717398. This is considered to be one of the hardest seeds in Minecraft. Like most others on this list, you spawn out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by a handful of islands.

Which Minecraft seed has the most diamonds?

Five best Minecraft seeds for diamonds

  • 1) Diamonds inside ravine.
  • 2) Diamonds in a sinkhole.
  • 3) Savanna Village, shipwreck and buried treasure.
  • 4) Blacksmith Villages.
  • 5) Ravine and abandoned mineshaft.

What is the Indian name for flax seeds?

Flaxseeds are known as ALSI in Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi, Ali Vidai in Tamil. In Marathi, it is also known as jawas, alashi, and linseed. n Bengali, it is known as Tishi, in Oriya its Pesi. In Kannada, it is called Agasi, and telugu people call it Avise ginzalu.

What does the seed 666 do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft it is said that the seed 666 is cursed and inclined with the devil himself.

Which is the best flat land seed in Minecraft?

This is a great super flat land seed for players to use. This is one of the smoothest seeds players will find in Minecraft. This seed is perfect for building and creating big structures. This seed also spawns players in the middle of the mountain biome on one side and a desert not too far out on the other side.

Which is the best seed for building in Minecraft?

One of the best seeds for building in Minecraft PE calls the name of Desert Village. It spawns players close to an extremely flat village. Moreover, this desert village has a temple along with many resources that gamers can use to begin putting up their empire. 2.

What are some of the Best PE seeds in Minecraft?

Here’s our list of Minecraft PE Seeds: Ravines & Villages. Double Blacksmith Near Coral Reef. Hillside Savanna Village. Natural Sculpture. Taiga Island w/Diamonds. Acacia Waterfall Village. Haunted Village w/Ravine. Huge Mansion.

Are there any good seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Take your Minecraft game to the next level with the Pocket Edition by using a great seed for your new world! We’re taking a look at some of the Best Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds that you can find!